Fangirling Talk: On why I love Luke Hemmings

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How can one love someone so much whom she has not yet even met? How can one impact so much to someone's life without even realizing it?

"She loved him in so many ways that he could not understand because he didn't know that he meant everything to her."

I confess. I have fallen in love with Luke Hemmings and I am a certified Luke Girl and a certified Filipino 5SOS Fangirl. I fell in love with the whole band because of Luke. But the eff, this unrequited love hurts a lot but it's the world I choose to live in. And I have fully accepted the fact that I'm just one of the millions of girls who love him so much trying to be noticed. Like a tear drop in the thunderstorm.

So why am I writing this down? I don't know. Perhaps I'm trying to convince myself to lessen the love to not hurt myself anymore. Or try to convince myself to lower my standards because no one could be as attractive and as talented and as "almost perfect" as Luke Hemmings from 5SOS. Or am I really just a masochist? Do I really have to explain why I adore this penguin? Nope. But I choose to, because I, myself, also want to unlock the mystery. But whatever the reason is, all I know is, I just want to bother myself with a lengthy post I'm sure no one would want to read. So if you're planning to continue reading this, I suggest you get yourself a cup of tea, wrap yourself in a blanket, and munch on marshmallows or pizza, and prepare yourself for some crazy feels.

"She loved him in so many ways that he could not understand because he didn't know that he meant everything to her."

In all honesty, I never felt this way before since my David Archuleta obsession years that started 8 years ago! I thought David (being the first) was the only one who could make me feel this way. But since his MIA (Missing In Action) days, I finally give in and let my feelings swallow me whole-heartily. I wanted to fangirl. I need another inspiration because David is MIA. I saw majority of the Archies (David Archuleta fans) switching sides. But I strongly believe that they just felt the same. I must say, we all still love David but ever since his two year mission, a lot, and I mean a lot, lost the obsession and addiction. (I probably should do another post on this and on fangirling so you'll understand what I'm talking about). Anyhoo, if you'll ask me on this issue, I still am very "obsessed" with David up to now. However though, with his 2-year mission, and with life happening to me, I lost the sense of fangirling. College life took me away from it to be honest. I was so busy I even lost time for my true love --- ballet. So now you have an idea on how hungry I was for another sunshine to come my way and to serve as an inspiration. And then that's when 5 Seconds of Summer entered my life. Luke Hemmings, being the lead vocalist, was able to shot me in the heart in just milliseconds!

And in an instant, my dull world was once again colorful.

Isn't it insane how this awkward kid who's same age as my younger brother affected my life so much? IKR. But age dosen't matter so whatevs. Never mind this statement.

Contemplating on the many reasons why I love Luke Hemmings so much, I came up with these generalizations:

1. He's an adorable dork who's awkwardness captivated me because I love awkward people (like me) who don't care about what other people think --- the real reason why we appear awkward. Or so do people think. But yeah, his awkwardness makes him so cute especially when he has no idea on what to say or do. He's strangely beautiful that way.

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2. He's very punk rock with all the black going on and the lip ring. But then, he's a penguin. Oh such a cutie. He's like a living proof of "I know what I want and I love what I want and I don't care what other people think". A statement I once read in a fictional book I love which never left my heart. Because he's a penguin, I am not giving up of my dream of being a mermaid.

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3. His smile is so beautiful that it's contagious. I have a couple of 5SOS posters in my bedroom and every time I'm having a bad day, I just stare at Luke's face and somehow, the sadness magically lessens ... forget them too even just for a few minutes. =)

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4. Luke Hemmings has a very beautiful singing voice and a very dorky sexy normal talking voice. hehehe. I thank the Lord and the angels for blessing  me  us. Also, I love his accent... the Australian accent!... kahit na mejo di ko maintindihan minsan (don't get me wrong on this. No offense intended to the Australians), okay lang, very cute pa rin. :)

{gif images from tumblr}

5. Luke Hemmings, anatomically speaking, is perfect! Check this out:

Should I need to say more and elaborate on why Luke Hemmings is anatomically perfect? I don't think I should because it's already quite obvious but I will anyway.

1. He is definitely my leg goals. Have you seen his legs? so long and so gorgeous, goodness! As weird as it sounds, I actually have a folder in my laptop (will copy the files to my phone) filled with luke hemmings' gorgeous leg photos. hahaha.  

2. The dude stands 6 foot 4 and my dream man should be tall, at least 6-foot tall (oo, umaasa akong si Luke destiny And he surpassed that. OMG.

3. Now let's talk about his bright blue eyes. There's something about guys with blue eyes (or green, hazel, etc.) that attract and awaken my "kilig" hormones. And Luke's included in that list alongside David Archuleta, Zac Efron, and Dalton Rapattoni... :"> Luke Hemmings' bright blue eyes speaks of wonderment as they seem to be speaking. Like when he stares, you can't explain the reason but you become mesmerized with him.

4. Luke Hemmings' nose is also beautiful that I imagine myself doing nose to nose with him. (Rated SPG) hihihi. Enough said.

5. Hair and Beard. Okay, here's the truth. I'm not so into guys with beard because I like when they are clean and neat-looking (but I like boy banders. haha) but I will make Luke Hemmings an exception to that. I don't know why but I like his beard. I guess it's because he looks more mature and more manly, given the fact that I am 3 years older than him. :) His  beard makes him look as if he's a Greek god or something Also, I like his hair. I love how he styles it. I would love to touch it and play with it. =)

6. Lips and his lip ring. With a lips as gorgeous and kissable as any human being could have, I think Luke is very blessed to have that. I know this sounds odd, crazy, and weird because I am basing on what my naked eyes are seeing on the photos and videos in the world wide web. But that's just how it's going to be. Anyhow, I've been obsessing with his lip ring that I actually imagine myself getting a lip ring as well! To be honest, I'm glad the he got it because when I was first fangirling over 5 Seconds of Summer last year, I thought Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin were twins. I seriously can't determine who's who without the lip ring. hahaha. But yeah, it is a very nice touch to the whole "rock bander" look of Luke Hemmings. hehe.

7. Dimples. And then the dimples unified his gorgeously close-to-perfect face (because everyone has flaws that they try to conceal). But dimples are always a plus, plus, plus! --- especially if you have a lip ring. :")

8. I love that when he was starting out, his skin was also starting out on puberty (?). But you see, here's the thing. He's a famous personality and he has pimples. And I LOVE THAT. Because first thing's first, I have pimples and Luke Hemmings is showing the world that it's okay to have pimples because he's just a human being too like all of us. You get my point? But I really, really find his pimples cute as I've told my friend (and she laughed at me). haha.

So that's basically it ladies and gents. I know that fangirling is such a masochist act of love but I chose this way of life anyway and apparently, I'm happy this way. Never in a million years would I think that he'll know this but letting it all out is a nice and wonderful feeling and I think it would be awesome if by any chance he'll know how he greatly impacted my life and how he influenced my perspective in life. If that makes sense. But as for now, I'm happy that I existed on the same planet and generation as him. hehe.

I'm a self-confessed Luke girl.
I'm a self confessed Filipino fangirl of 5 Seconds of Summer.

P.S. SLFL MANILA is only a few weeks away and I still don't have a ticket to their sold-out show. How I wish they do a day 2. huhu. I went to the pre-selling last Nov. 7 and I went home crying because I ran out of ticket (the seat I desire). Then I also went to the ticket selling at MOA on Nov. 11 and I ended up crying yet again because I ran out of tickets... any ticket, for the 2nd time around because SLFL Manila concert got sold out after 4 hours! I don't know if I'm gonna be happy about it because I am so proud of 5SOS or I'm gonna be sad because they are famous and it's difficult for me to fangirl. The struggle is real. haha. So if you're selling any SLFL Manila Concert ticket/s (except gen ad), please let me know and I'll buy it from you ASAP. Thank you.

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