as the wind blows out the candle and blows up the bonfire...

Ditching colors and wearing a classic black and white ensemble to the office to emphasize my newly dyed orange hair.

Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking. It doesn't look freshly dyed. It actually was because here's the thing. I purchased adore hair dye (cajun spice) and used it on my not-bleached-for-months-hair-so-hello-long-black-roots. :) It's a semi-permanent dye and albeit I had a feeling that the color won't be visible on the black, I still tried. So lo and behold, my (not-so-new) hair (because it's kinda blonde now).

But enough about that. Let's shift our focus to the outfit.

Because I work in an environment where they deprive all the fun, creativity, and colors (kidding), my style is slowly shifting into a much simpler fashion, with black and white as my basics. Because I arrange my clothes by color, I'm noticing that my black and white pieces, especially black, are piling up way too high than all the rest of the colors in my wardrobe.

That said, this 'Something Borrowed' top from Zalora is what I consider a timeless piece. I love it a lot but I try to not use it that much to not destroy it. haha. I actually already paired this up with skirts (more than two variety of cuts), pants (colored and black), and soon enough, I plan to pair this up with shorts.

And let's pretend this is for an editorial shoot, featuring my fellow designer, Angie Cariaso. :)

WEARING: Top - Something Borrowed c/o Zalora PH | Skirt from a small unbranded shop | Kicks black shoes | Moon necklace c/o Born Pretty

*Photos by Angie Cariaso and Daniel Macaltao

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  1. I am loving this ensemble on you Rae,
    very effortless.

    Ms. Kei

  2. Looking sweet, my love! That's a cute top on you. :) xo

  3. You can never go wrong with a classic black and white outfit. You look great! I'm loving your hair color as well!

  4. Rae... I hope you keep your own style as much as you can... black and white does look classy together... I like your friends shirt it is really cute xox

  5. Wonderful outfits, love this black&white shirt. <333
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. Really cool look :3 I love the tee-shirt <3

  7. very nice and cool top :)

  8. Your shirt it's awesome! And I can realate to that, my roots are a problem too haha :D

  9. You gals look real neat & chic! xoxo

  10. cute ensemble :) hope you are doing well Rae!

  11. cuteee outfit<3! I love the accesories~
    follow for follow on gfc? please let me know in my blog
    Have a great day<3

  12. How vivid the color of your hair is. Love!

  13. ang cool ng top mo :) super edgy.