Spiderwebs and ABCs

In a world where you feel like you're being neglected, the only way to survive is to not force yourself to fit in. I honestly refuse to to be normal. My artistic ego explains my uniqueness, oddness, and as most people puts it, weirdness. I have no idea how people perceive me based on my clothing but I'm happy that they bother to stare at me.

WEARING: Vintage top | Mom's sweater | Guess handbag | Kicks shoes | J&R Jeans Skirt | Small shop knitted beret| Bitten Apple Necklace c/o chicnova | Bracelets from Japan | Tattoo Stockings from Japan given by Tia Maeda

Anyway, I would like to express my deepest thanks to my cousin, Tia Maeda, for giving me this adorable tattoo stockings fresh from one of my favorite countries, Japan!! woohooo! :">

And because I look like this, I have another funny encounter. So while I was walking down the streets, there was a girl who sang the "alphabet song" upon seeing me. hahahaha. :| And all eyes was on me at the Mall of Asia. I don't get people.. like really.. when they see something unusual, they'll stare. Oh well, I guess I am unusual. hahaha. :P

By the way, this is what I wore last April 30, 2013 at my cousin's graduation dinner at Mandarin Palace located at BF Paranaque! Before the dinner, I was strolling at MOA (SM Mall of Asia) then I almost forgot to take outfit photos so I had these taken after the dinner and before going home. haha. Too bad my outfit can't be seen under the sunlight. I really liked it!

Excuse my photobomber (by profession) younger brother. hahahaha. WHOHP. He's sooooo tall!

During the first week of summer, I told you that I'll set aside my goth-self to give way for summer. But heh. I can't help it! So even if the sun is brightly shining and producing a scorching heat, I've decided to wear this ensemble so I could show-off my tattoo stockings! :))) Hooray! I'm beyond happy because my legs is finally acquainted with a tattoo stocking! :D

(Photo credits: Allan Gerald Caacbay | Thanks Kuya Aigee!!)

Since our Japanese cousins are back in their homeland, we're missing them like hell! :( So we left three spaces in this picture. :) We we're also tweeting them that night so they still felt that they were part of the gathering. :"3

I find it cute that most people think we're a "barkada" (friend group / circle of friends) then the shock on their faces bewilder me after they find out that we're actually cousins. haha! :))

BROTHERS. :))) I'm the eldest yet the smallest. LOL.

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  1. Beautiful!!!I' following you!:)


  2. Such a beautiful family :)

  3. Whuuww look at your hair! It's really nice and curly!
    I find the look really special, a really creative and wonderful combination! :D
    The panty is really cool as well! x

  4. fun tights....ABC:)
    and nice photos

  5. Your long nicely styled hair, vintage top, and Tia Maeda ABC's Tattoo stockings all combine for a lovely look. That sounds like fun getting so much attention at the Mall of Asia. I like the unique characteristics of your artistic ego.


  6. Oh my my my, I like your brother's frappucino shirt! So cute, haha!

    Also, I think it's nice that you want to stand out. Individualism is a good thing. I was like that before also. I was inspired by a lot of things, but ended up copying instead of just emulating, and ended up switching from one style to another. (Until now, I'm still trying to figure it out.) But I think, as the years passed, I eventually looked for a style that suits my lifestyle best and that only I could pull off. It took years of research, looking at magazines and photos online, studying makeup videos, etc, but everything paid off in the end. Standing out is just something that comes from it, but whether or not I get noticed isn't really important anymore.

    I also think that you're still at that stage where you're looking for a style that'll suit you best. I've looked at your outfits and it looks a lot like the me from five years ago. I'm looking forward to the time when you eventually find the style that shows who you are truly :)

  7. People always stare when they see something that doesn't fit in their 'normality'. But was is normal anyway? xD I like your way of thinking. It's healthy ;)

    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  8. Acabo de conocer tu blog! Tiene mucha personalidad y estilo.
    TE SIGO!! Y me encantaría que tu también me siguieses
    Musuuus :)


  9. I love how you're just artistic enough to be different and to be different enough to be special. Loving the outfit and your personality!

    x Vanessa | houseinthesand.blogspot.com

  10. look like a nice tights!! your hair is sooo curly! tell me how you manage!

  11. This is a lovely outfit! Loving those tights :)


  12. Oh you have a cool tights, cute photos.


  13. Great Outfit, funny stockigste.;)


  14. your blog is absolutely beautiful and incredibly inspiring. i am so glad i ran into it.

    I have a blog too. Here is the link to it http://franomad.blogspot.com.es/2013/05/nerd.html in case you're curious :)


    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DriftingNomad

    INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/driftingnomad

  15. I like your shoes!!!! :))

  16. your family seems like really fun! :)
    love the tattoo stockings.

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  17. that is such a fab look! girl you look stunning

  18. those stockings are so cute!


  19. These leggings look so great!
    I have a giveaway with Firmoo on my blog, if you'd like to enter!

  20. Ah! I am pinay too! I love your tights, keep up the outfits!~ You and your brothers are adorable.