Splash Island

The following day after my Japanese cousins arrived here in the Philippines, the good Lord finally permitted me to experience Splash Island! Hooray! 

After admiring the towering slides from-a-far for 19 years during road trips, my butt finally touched those green slides!! *happy dance*. But unfortunately, I was too busy enjoying the experience that I forgot to take photos of the slides, the pools, the sand, the cottages, and the food stalls. :"( Anyhow, I will still bombard you with photos of our faces which might somehow encourage you to go here. :))

Let me start off by showing two handsome dudes.

Say hello to my cousins! :") TJ Maeda and RJ Maeda. :))

With my favorite girls! Tia Maeda and Jaimmie Hans. :") I'm the youngest by the way. meowmeow~

We arrived at Splash Island at around 9-10am and the first thing we did was buy our tickets. You can check the Park Admission and fees here. Aside from the slides and the pools, they also offer a variety of other activities such as zipline, high ropes and mini golf!

Apparently, the slides are not always open because they follow a time schedule. So while waiting for the slides to open, we went to Agos Grandes. It has machine-generated waves with sand covering around the area making you feel like you're truly in a beach! We spent a lot of time at the Balsa River because we were waiting for the slides to open. Most people were there too so for the first few minutes, we were drifting along the flowing river using our feet and in my case, my cousin's back. hahaha. But that attraction was indeed relaxing. At around 11:15 am, we lined up at Dos Supremos even if it will open at 11:30 am because people were already piling up!

Tents with tables and chairs are free but cabanas' rates range from Php 650 - 5,000. I suggest that if you'll not stay at Splash for the whole day, then don't rent a cabana unless you wanna splurge yourself and spend your day inside an air-conditioned space instead of swimming and sliding!

Food-stalls are all over the place so food is not a problem. :))

Photo courtesy of Tia Maeda.

Thanks cousin for always taking my photos without my knowledge! Surprised to see this in your fb album! hahaha! :)) 

My favorite slide was the Magellan's drop! I felt as if my lungs was taken away from my body and was left at the start of the attraction! So cool!!!! Definitely worth a try! :) King Pilipit is next to my list! It's the highest and the fastest pool slide I have ever tried in my entire life! Honestly, before having my turn, I was a bit frightened to have a go... but YOLO!!!! It was really exciting!! These two are the attractions you shouldn't miss once you go to Splash Island. Trust me. =D

HOW TO GO TO SPLASH ISLAND? It is located at South Luzon Expressway, Binan City. See the map here.

And just to let you know, a basketball player was also there having a good time. haha. :p So we packed up at around 3pm because Tagaytay is our next stop! So my next post would be our Tagaytay Adventure. =)

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  1. Looks so much fun <3

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  2. I remember back in elementary(late 90s) I was a in small backward public school in mindanao and I had a well-off classmate who was able to visit splash island for the summer. People where sooooo amazed by her stories they even published her experience in the school paper. hahaha.


  3. i love reuniting and bonding with my cousins... :) I hope we would also do something like that in time :)

    1. I'm sure you guys will! :)) Enjoy your vacation ate Em! :D

  4. Woah it looks so much fun going there with all your friends! I want to go now!! Wish there were places similar here in the uk!! ><

    1. Then visit the Philippines!!! hehe :) By the way, they are my cousins =))

  5. Looks like you had so much fun. Great photos. :)


  6. Lovely pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun :) Kisses x

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  7. Enjor reading your blog and been following you!


  8. looks like a lot of fun!


  9. You have really cute cousins! Do I need to go to Japan to become cute also? Haha! You look like you had fun :)

    xx ohmylittlegirl.net