Tagaytay Adventure

I love wandering around especially when nature is involved. My life-long dream of living deep in the forest is somehow fulfilled.

So after swimming and trying out adventurous slides at Splash Island, our original plan was to drop by at Nuvali then go to Tagaytay afterwards. But due to an unexpected car aircon  circumstance, we went straight to Tagaytay since the car with the broken air conditioner boards the tourists (my Japanese cousins) and we don't want them to suffer from extreme heat! I swear my country is like the inside of an oven or a microwave! :\

You're probably aware that it's been like our family culture to spend time at Tagaytay every summer (and every vacation!) thanks to my aunt. mehe. But this time, it's so much different and so much fun because as cousins, we were finally complete! Definitely a trip to remember! :) Jamming was the first thing we did which my family always we do. :)) We finally heard our cousin, RJ Maeda (4th photo) played the saxophone live! We just watch his videos kasi. Well, he's really good! We also heard our girl Japanese cousin (the one in pink in the photo above) sing live! Goosebumps guys! hehe. I'll post the videos soon. =)

I photobombed! hehehe :)

JUST DANCE ON WII! :))) One of the things I love to play. ehe~ This is my thing... dancing. HAHA. GALLOPING GOBLINS!!! I DID A RECORD! SCORED 11,000 PLUS on a song I forgot what in particular due to the fact I love dancing. LOL. But still...

Watch my our backs while we dance! I'm the one in pastel pink ----errr. the same clothes in our harlem shake video! hahaha. okay. I repeat house clothes :)))

ITADEKAMASU!!!! :)) Thanks to our half-Pinoys and half-Japanese cousins, we, the pure Pinoys, have now adopted this habit. very nice. hehe~

Thanks for taking this photo kuya RJ! :)
Visit his blog people! He's the one with the saxophone. :) And if you're in Japan, watch him perform live! He has a band and it's called Sonic Blew. They are awesome! :))) Visit the blog here

The club house is only a 5-minute drive from the house inside the subdivision so this was safe! haha! :) Such a fun experience! We were waving at the people and we were shouting as if we were in some kind of a carnival ride. hahaha. I know, crazy! :D

This pool is open to everyone living in the subdivision.. like a public pool. But since we're ten, it seemed as if we owned this. hahaha. There was a little girl though. :) Anyway, we played games in the pool! Really really fun! :">

Want to know what he's doing? Watch this:

Basketball while waiting for their turns to shower because there are only two bathrooms in the house. haha. :) We went to Sky Ranch in the evening. I'll do another post on that so please waiiiit~
Tagaytay is a must-visit here in the Philippines. The temperature is much better than in Manila because it's located in our beautiful mountains. :) There are so many things you can do even if you'll just stay at a hotel. You should try the mushroom burger because their burger tastes like heaven! There are tons of "bulalohan" as well and I suggest you try and eat bulalo at Tagaytay. Some restaurants/cafes even have beautiful view of the Taal Volcano :)) You can go to People's Park in the sky or at Picnic Grove where you can horse back, ride the zipline, etc. 

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  1. I also love nature and discovering new places...nice photos:)

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing the photos. It's not too hot here yet but I can't wait to finally swim. That pool looks awesome- it's great you mostly had it to yourself.


  3. Oh woah the photos looks so fun again! >< So jealous you live in an oven, I think I'm in a freezer. (UK) swap? haha. Definitely want to visit Tagatay sometime!! :D

  4. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    It's great you got To spend time with all your cousins. My dad is one of 8 so I dint think my whole family has ever been in the sane place x

  5. Hahaha wow ang saya! :) I wish to have a vacation tuloy :)

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  6. aww great summer getaway!
    its always fun to be with cousins and family.




  7. very very nice!;)

    Hope to you have time to come into my blog, just
    HERE :)

    Have a nice day :)))

  8. lovely pictures! i want to go <3

    High-Stitched Voice

  9. Everyone looked like they had a great time!

  10. Lovely pics and beautiful blog!
    Can you visit my blog and maybe we can follow each other? xx

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