Pastel Pink Outfit and Pink Skies


If you can't tell, pink is my favorite color but the pink clothing pieces, bags, and shoes that I own are not that many compared to the other colors in my closet. However, I'm happy with whatever I have and I am trying to add more pinks in my closet. 

By the way, I am decluttering and selling some of my clothes and stuff on carousell. Selling a lot in very very low prices (almost pamigay) because I badly need space in my room. I hope you can check it out! :)

This was my outfit last October 2021 when my family and I went to Quezon Mermorial Circle to relax and unwind (and eat) haha

Here was my Instagram Post.


Black handbag - Simonelli
Black Skirt - Thrifted
Pink Shirt - forme Clothing 
Navy Blue Spaghetti Strap Lace Top - Carousell
Mules - Olivia.mnl

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  1. I like the look of the outfit you styled with the layered black lace-trimmed skirt and the navy blue Carousell spaghetti-strap lace styled over the top pink Forme Clothing striped top.
    That skirt is beautiful, and you looked fabulous wearing it with the pink striped blouse, accented by the pink in the sunset over Quezon Memorial Circle!

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    1. Hi! Awww thank you very very much as always! :"")