On Construction Site Outfit: Sa ngalan ng kapangyarihan ng buwan


Here is another Instagram saw it first outfit of mine in the construction site of one of our projects last year. This pair of Fila Shoes is actually one of my comfiest shoes so it somehow became my site shoes (which I'm really not happy about because I don't want it to be. haha). I'm very careful though because I want it to last long! I probably need to buy an "official" site shoes soon.

This Sailormoon shirt is from Oxgn Fashion. I grew up watching Sailormoon but I don't think I was that obsessed with it as I was with Cardcaptor Sakura. Nonetheless, it was one of my first animes to watch and definitely one of my favorites!


Sailormoon Shirt - Oxgn Fashion
Black Pants - The Editor's Market
Shoes - Fila
Moonstone Bracelet - Crystalchasm.ph
Eyeglasses (with grade) - EO Executive Optical
Black handbag - Simonelli

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  1. Nice and chic outfit. I have that shirt too! Me naman I love Sailor Moon more than Cardcaptor.
    Take care dear!

  2. The Sailormoon anime print shirt from Oxgn Fashion is beautiful and looks extremely fashionable styled with The Editor's Market black pants and comfy white Fila shoes.
    It looks like you are still in amazing shape -
    you look absolutely fabulous wearing that outfit of the day!

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