LINE ART WALL MURAL in Avida Alabang (with Time Lapse) by Rae Abigael J. Caacbay

Bringing back the detailed craftsmanship from the old world to our modern and fast paced world is an advocacy of mine that I try to incorporate in each of my interior design projects. And this line art wall mural is one of the two murals I did for my second design project in Avida Alabang last year, 2019.

I definitely enjoyed working on this as this line art wall mural unifies the whole general space of the condo unit (will work on a separate post for that design project soon so watch out).

I posted this on Instagram last month so if you're following me there, you'd been updated enough with what I was up to the past year. I'll find time also to do my annual year recap for documentation! Work is just really keeping me super busy as I'm trying to focus on my ventures.

Anyway, here's a time lapse video of me working on the mural...

I used markers, specifically the brands Pilot and Uni Posca, over a semi-gloss (but leaning more to a satin) finished wall. Since I already worked on markers before for this wall mural, I'm already confident enough that Pilot and Uni Posca Markers will work pretty well.

I worked on this line art mural for about 2 hours. Doing the pencil outline took longer time as it was crucial with the placement and the proportion since the art was presented to and was approved by the client.

As you can see, this was part of the schematic design presentation to the client.

[Disclosure: the line art pieces on the left side were all grabbed from google and I don't own any rights to them. They were used as means of presenting a mood, a peg, an inspiration. However though, the final art on the wall (right) is mine]

I still can't believe that I'm using my hobby as part of my profession because of my advocacy in the design world. Sometimes, being a designer and being an artist is something that I am really proud of because not all designers are artists and not all artists are designers! There's really more to art and design (both contribute and serve their purpose individually) but when you combine them together, it's special. 

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  1. Loving this wall art Rae, you are very talented hun!


  2. Really interesting =) Thanks a lot. Winning is always great :D Have a nice day too

    Sounds interesting. This walls are beautiful =) I already follow you since some months ^^

  3. Such a beautiful wall art!! Very creative.
    Happy Monday

  4. What a beautiful wall art! <3 I can't take my eyes off it! You are very talented and creative my Dear :) Using hobby as part of your job, is the most fantastic thing!
    I'm sending you lots of hugs from Poland :)

  5. This is so stunning! Amazing work!
    I love art!

  6. So beautiful.
    You're creative.

  7. Hello
    Thank you for your comment in my last post, it was very important for me.
    You are definitely not just a designer you are also an artist, look what a beautiful mural you made !!!