REVIEW: Cooltan Tan Through Sportswear Monokini (Goodbye, Tan Lines!)

Summer season is all about tan lines! You go to the beach or go swimming somewhere and you go home with a tan line. I personally like having tan lines to show off that I've been to the beach or been on vacation. But sometimes, I like to get a natural tan.

With the help of Cooltan swimsuit, I will be able to do just that! The brand has other products such as shirts but I tried the brand out by wearing their Monokini Swimsuit out to the beach and I was amazed with how it works, seriously!

I wore their 1PC Monokini Suit for a whole day at the beach. My size is regular torso for your reference. The piece is actually very thin and I was a bit hesitant to wear because it's so thin and I am conservative and I'm worried that my little boobies would be seen as aside from the swimsuit's material being really thin, it is not padded. So I opted to sew a pad in the swimsuit just so I'll be safe.

I have two monokini suits from the brand and I wore the cheetah print one because story time, I was trying out the Safari print at home and well, uhm, the suit had a little run because the plunge is so deep I was trying if I can pull it up a bit and then boom! It had a run. Anyway, just be careful because the material is really thin.

Swimming in the beach and being in the water, I had no issues at all and I had no wardrobe malfunction. lol.

Cooltan shirts and swimsuits are made from special fabrics that let the sunlight through like a medium level sun screen. No more tan lines indeed! I was surprised that there was no tan line even if my face was so burned from the sun that I know that I've been so exposed. I showed to my friends the effect of the swimsuit and they were all amazed as well!

The lightweight Microsol fabrics also kept me extremely cool and comfortable.

(I'm flat chested, I know..duh.. and I don't care. I'll wear what I like. haha)

The gas infused polymer fabric in Cooltan Swimwear lets about half of the sunlight to pass through. In addition, water does not build up in the suit, making them cooler on hot days, ideal for competitive swimming.

How cooltan tan-through sportswear works:

The revolutionary MicrosolV fabric is specially knit to create thousands of tiny holes through which sun rays will graudally tan you. Best results are achieved between 10:00am and 2:00pm when sun rays are nearly perpendicular to the shirt. Use an SPF 30+ on exposed skin not covered by the fabric to even-out your tan faster. Please use caution in the sun and always use an appropriate SPF sunblock lotion on previously exposed skin.

Caring for your cooltan shirt:

Handwash or machine wash gentle cycle with mild soap in warm or cool water. Do not use bleach. Hang to dry, or tumble dry briefly, remove while damp and then hang it up to let it finish drying.

This brand is so amazing I am totally recommending them! You may browse the other swimsuits they offer as they have other designs and also, have Men's Swim and Shirts.

By the way, just to let you know, they don't ship here in the Philippines. I had to get my package shipped to my relatives in Japan. Other countries they don't ship to are:

Romania, Russia, Brazil, Dubai, Norway, Malaysia, Africa, and the Philippines

Hopefully, their shipping policies change soon so everybody from around the globe can experience cooltan! But shipping is quite fast so that's awesome!

Overall, if you want to say goodbye to tan lines and get a natural tan, wear a cooltan piece! Highly recommendable.

Check-out Cooltan® Tan-Through Sportswear via their Website, Instagram, Twitter, and on their Facebook Page.

Photos taken by my friends April and Ellah

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post but I was sent a monokini suit to try out and review. I love the brand a lot so I'm sharing here on the blog my experience.

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  1. Cool monokini, love it!!

  2. This suit is so chic! I adore the leopard print and cool towel too.

  3. It's a lovely suit although it's a shame it's so thin!

    Hope that you've had a great weekend! I was surprised with a weekend away, it was wonderful! :)

    Away From Blue

  4. Beautiful photos, I spend a lot of time at the beach these days and I love it!!!! Love this one piece, so pretty! x


  5. You look so pretty!!!Have a successful day dear!

  6. You look beautiful, dear! And the swimsuit is nice, fierce print!
    Have a beautiful day, dear!

    The Flower Duet

  7. Such a cxool swimwear, you look fab!
    Kisses, Paola.


  8. Wow, adorable pictures!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. Great post dear! Photos are amazing !

  10. Hi! That monokini is so cute!
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