Fashion Finds: Where to Buy Women's Shirts and Jumpsuits Online?

I used to be not a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, well, I still am but I find myself wearing shirts and pants (not jeans but like cargo pants and such) more and more these days. Since I'm a freelancer and I work at home, most times that I go out of the house are during construction site visits and furniture / material sourcing so I kind of rely on that type of clothing instead of dresses and skirts.

Having said that, I was browsing through Cicilooshop, an online stop for Modern, Irresistible, and Affordable women’s clothing and I stumbled upon these shirts for women which I think would be suitable for office wear and as well as for casual wear. Here are some of my fave from the collection:

Button downs are always stylishly perfect for the office and as well as a casual wear. You can style this in a variety of ways you can think of!

Love that this is powder blue as this is such a very fresh color! Also love the details in the sleeves.

This blouse is so elegant and the colors are so pretty!

This shirt is simple yet very stylish and lovely! Cute color too.

I've also been eyeing for jumpsuits for the longest time and the brand also offers sexy jumpsuits for women so here are the pieces that caught my attention:

This jumpsuit is so elegant and is perfect for the office or perfect for partying!

This suit is sophisticated and I like how sexy the top is yet modest as it has a mesh detail. And that ribbon detail is really pretty!

You can check out Cicilooshop via their website.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article by Cicilooshop. I was compensated to write but as per usual, all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. Very nice picture, looks good.
    i like the pink one!!!!beautiful color
    Thank you for sharing and like your blog.