Why Travelling Can Cure Depression

The Internet has given a voice to many, and, as a result, the online world is a fair portrayal of how we feel.

A quick search on popular social media platforms reveals the most popular hashtags and topics discussed; depression, stress and anxiety. It is impossible to say whether we as a society, have become more vulnerable as a consequence of our modern and hectic lifestyle, or whether depression has always been part of human history, but we were never able to talk about it as freely as we do now. One thing is for sure, though, harmful habits are a lot quicker to develop in a context where you find yourself racing against time a lot. From urgent deadlines at work to busy commuting journey, time plays a significant role in your day-to-day life. Time, or more exactly the absence of it, encourages stress – which can morph into depression and anxiety disorder. 

You can’t afford to ignore how depression and anxiety affect your routine, your health, your relationships, and even your career. But there’s only so much you can do to take back control of your life. You need to make up the time to recenter yourself. And time, as it happens, it’s a rare entity in modern life! What you need is to find a hobby that helps you to transform your reality and boost your mood. You need to find something that can tap into all the dark corners of your mind and give you the strength to fight back. What better way of making time for yourself than booking a holiday that can help you to cure depression? 

It’s the vitamin D refuel you need

Depending on where you live in the world, it’s likely that you may still be looking at the grey sky through the window, wondering when the sunny days of spring will finally arrive. As you know, winter blues is typically associated with a lack of direct sunlight exposure. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t improve just because the calendar says spring. As a result, you might find yourself exhibiting all the signs of a severe SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Your body needs sun exposure, and what better way than booking a holiday in one of the warmest spots on the planet? You can still find discounted prices on off-the-beaten-track vacations that take you away from the touristic areas in Asia, South America or even South Africa. The secret? Book a rental villa a little further away from the main city, and opt for car hire to make your way through the countryside. You’ll be able to spênd plenty of time in the sun without any of the crowd troubles. 

It can give you new inspiration 

Each day looks like the previous day. You wake up. You drive to work. And then at the end of the day, you get back home, ready to start again with the routine after a short night’s sleep. While routine can provide a sense of assurance – because you always know what happens next–, it can eat away your sense of joy, your excitement, your motivation, and your overall creativity. Routine makes life feel boring and purposeless. And travel can be a positive solution to inject some new fun into your lifestyle. For a start, you can discover new regions and places to fall in love with. Perhaps, it’s finally the answer you’ve been looking for about your location! Travelling gives you a new insight into the cities and countries around you, and maybe it can show you that you don’t live where you should. Everything boils down to finding inspiration in your everyday life. By changing the settings, travelling helps you to reconsider your choices. Whether it’s the place where you live or even a complex project at work, you can explore new ideas to question and improve your surroundings. 

It’s a profitable investment 

The cost of living has been increasing steadily to the point where Millennials have become one of the most vulnerable generations to debts and money worries. Even with the best intentions at heart, it can be tricky to manage day-to-day expenses while paying back previous loans. Student loans are at their highest level, crippling many young professionals for up to 10 years. Additionally, housing costs have also been going up, both for tenants and homeowners, which can make it difficult for any professional to come to term with their financial situation. Consequently, money troubles can not only affect your mood but also make it more difficult to relax altogether. However, you could turn your love for travel into an investment strategy. Indeed, more and more Millennials are considering purchasing a holiday home in a popular destination, such as Indonesia – where you can find exquisite villas such as Rumah Murah BTN properties near Jakarta, for instance –, or a villa by the beach in Croatia – a trendy beach holiday destination that combines fantastic weather and low cost of living. Ultimately, a holiday home is a sound investment – if you pick a suitable location – as it can pay for itself and rapidly provide a reliable source of revenues.

You have more time to focus on yourself

When you’re trying to maintain a busy schedule, it can feel as if you had lost yourself in the process. Of course, you still recognise the face in the mirror, but somehow, you don’t remember how to connect with it anymore. And what makes it even worse is that you can’t have a moment for yourself. There’s too much to do! Whether you’re rushing out to meet friends or working against an urgent deadline, your day-to-day is reduced to a packed schedule. The problem is, when you’ve got no me time, you start to love your sense of self too. You need to reconnect and (re)discover the things you like. You need to plan a few blank days in your schedule and travel away from the routine. You don’t have to go far to leave your everyday behind. You just have to go and spend time with yourself. Take yourself out, go to have dinner in a fancy restaurant, and enjoy the moment. Travel lets you create the intimacy you need to find the way back to your inner self. Let your mind wander as you visit and follow the cues. Do you find yourself looking at people in the street, hoping you could switch your lifestyle with theirs? Do you remember an old passion you’ve left aside to focus on your career? Whatever you discover during your solo trip will guide you towards your true self. 

Getting out of town at last

Urban pollution is not a myth. Every year, millions of people suffer from acute respiratory discomfort, high stress, and depressive disorders as a direct consequence of their constant exposure to car fumes, urban sounds, and industrial particles. Being in town can dramatically affect your health, both mental and physical. You may not be able to make a living outside of an urban area. But you can certainly plan a refreshing holiday in nature. Being surrounding by trees can help to clear your lungs and your mind. Aside from boosting your immune system, the smell of fresh air only decreases stress significantly. In the presence of nature, your body feels calmer, and your mind can relax, which explains why people tend to experience happiness in nature. 

Stress comes from a variety of factors. Whether the dull routine is draining your energy or your money problems are keeping you awake at night, travelling gives you the opportunity to transform the situation and focus on yourself. It may not be the best medicine for acute depression, but you can certainly experience happiness on the way! 

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Disclosure: This article is a partnered post. Cover photo of this article is taken by my bully best friend.

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  1. wow i feel so motivated after reading this post! i love travelling since i turned 10, and i can't imagine my life without it!
    you're right. meeting new places can cure your sickness, sometimes
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  2. very good and informative post.