4U2C Sidewalk Fud Hub: A Food Hub That Has It All in Bacoor, Cavite

Introducing a food hub that literally has it all in the South! Whether you're from the South or the other side of Manila, or from anywhere, 4U2C Sidewalk Fud Hub is definitely worth the experience.

Situated in Bacoor, Cavite, this 2,800 sqm two-storey food hub will not just make your hungry tummy satisfied but will strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones as it also has different amenities waiting for you to try out!

4U2C Sidewalk Fud Hub all started from the owner's love for cooking and now, she manages the biggest food hub in Cavite! The soft opening took place last Oct. 28, 2018 and being just around 5 months in operation, this food hub is growing and innovating day by day. I'm so excited to see how it will be in the years to come as the owner has more plans lined up.


The moment you set foot on the huge parking lot, an instagrammable facade would greet you so get your phones and cameras ready! I'm not kidding (see cover photo of this blog post). And as you enter, there are installations that are both functional and suitable for taking photos. Like those ship and train dining areas.

Upon entry, you'll see the Japan themed dining area complete with Sakura trees!

And on its opposite side is a Japan surplus where you can shop 'til you drop! There are so many good finds here.

And that's not all! You can also catch a fish! A great activity for the kids.

There's so much to see and do already and we're still just in the facade!


My initial reaction when I entered 4U2C Sidewalk Fud Hub was, "WOW. This is so huge!". I've been to a bunch of Food Hubs before but this is the biggest one I've seen. And I kid you not, probably the most entertaining one too!

The artificial grass flooring makes you feel like you're dining outdoors with those orange chairs popping up. The chairs are comfy to sit on because mostly are upholstered.


There is a stage where the bands perform every night.


4U2C Sidewalk Fud Hub is definitely family and child friendly. Kids can play here and have fun.

This playground is so cute that I can't help but take my photos! As I've said, this food hub is very instagrammable.


More dining seats and amenities here at the 2nd floor.

You can try out the carriage (Calesa) seating. It can only accommodate a maximum capacity of 6 persons. Children are strictly not allowed in the carriage.


As I've mentioned earlier, this food hub has it all because you can play billiards here (Php 100 per hour), play table tennis, darts, and more. You can relax and try out their spa and massage. You can also get your nails done because there is a mani-pedi service too.

And if you want to burn all those food and calories you take from too much eating, why don't you try working out in the gym? A food hub that has a mini gym inside! So interesting, right?


If you love to sing or if you want to have some privacy, there are 6 air-conditioned KTV rooms available for you to rent. Each room is styled differently so you can choose which room suits you the most.

You can rent a KTV room if you have a gathering with friends or if you're hosting a small "party", and the like.


There are 27 stalls as of the moment in the 4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub. From Asian Cuisines to Western Steaks and even Seafood Paluto! There's also Milk Tea and as well as alcoholic beverages. There's so much food choices you'll not be disappointed.

To help you out to not be overwhelmed with what to eat, I'm sharing these stalls for you to try out!

CUTTIE FRUITIES - The shake is very pure which make it delicious and very sulit! The serving is large at an affordable price. Plus the stall is pink and it is very cute!

EM'Z YAKINIKU, SHABU SHABU, AND SUKIYAKI - If you love Japanese food, definitely worth a try!

REN'S AMERICAN SIZZLING STEAK - They have it all! From burger, pork, beef to shrimp, salmon, vegetable, and sizzling steaks! Just take your pick!

SIZZLING TAYO - There are so many variety of sizzling food to try out here. From butter corn to pusit (squid) to tuna, to pork, to chicken and so much more!

LUTONG PALAYOK AND PRINSESA LUTONG KAPAMPANGAN- Stalls worth to try if you are craving for the lutong bahay food. There's beef & mushroom, caldereta, bulalo, hamonado and more.

SOON TO OPEN FOOD STALLS - Chinese Cuisine and Korean Food are opening soon in the food hub!

All in all though, the food stalls in the Food Hub offers delicious food. Definitely a highly recommended food hub!


This is the woman behind 4U2C Sidewalk Fud Hub! Ms. Emelita Almacen is very hands-on in running the biggest food hub in Cavite, no wonder it's already making a name in the area and as well as in the food industry! She's definitely a powerful woman which I look up to.


You can go here as early as 5pm and as the night approaches, the food hub will slowly become jam-packed with families, foodies, group of friends, and more! You can also enjoy performances being showcased and jam to your favorite tunes!

Photos above is what 4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub looks like during the peak of the night.


I love how the food hub offers a wide array of choices because for foodies like me, I get to try out different dishes! I also like that there are different dining seats and lounges so you have the freedom to choose where to settle and eat.

I don't drink alcoholic beverages but this food hub offers that and even if there are alcoholic beverages (there's a mini bar inside), the food hub is still very family friendly and kid friendly.

When it comes to ventilation, the whole space is packed with fans, making the food hub not hot. Also, even if the exterior looks like the place is made of galvanized iron sheets, it's not actually made of that material all throughout. Which makes the whole food hub not fully absorbent of the heat during afternoons!

Over-all, 4u2C Sidewalk Food Hub is recommendable! The food is great and the whole place is entertaining! I'd definitely love to go back and try out more food!

4u2c Sidewalk FOOD HUB Bacoor

Facebook Page

Address: Niog 3 Molino Blvd.
Bacoor, Cavite 4102

Opening Hours:
Everyday (Sundays to Saturdays)
4:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Contact No: 0998 736 9196

4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub is also an all-purpose venue.
Events rental should only be until before 5PM.

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