7 Design Ideas to Reinvent Your Neutral Kitchen

A neutral kitchen is an all-time classic that can fill your home with elegance and glamour. Nonetheless, after a while, it may start to seem a bit boring. With nothing to create visual interest and draw your attention, the space and its elements will start to blend together. However, with a touch of colour or unusual décor, a neutral colour scheme can gain a completely new dimension, leaving you with a stunning and timeless kitchen design. 

1. Combine wood and stone

A neutral colour scheme in combination with natural materials, such as stone and wood, will gain a nature-inspired, organic appeal. Not only will these elements work perfectly with a neutral palette, but they will also create a completely different atmosphere, one imbued with a natural vibe. Wood will add warmth to your kitchen, which will prevent it from looking sterile. You can use wood for accents and decorative details, such as bowls, cutting boards, side tables, lighting fixtures, etc., or for the floors and cabinets. Dark wood, for instance, is one of the hottest 2018 trends that you can welcome into your kitchen, as well.

When it comes to natural, roughly cut stone, it will create a rugged, textured look while smooth, sleek stone, such as marble, will elevate the kitchen décor. Whether used for flooring or countertops, stone will certainly complement the neutral kitchen design.  

2. Use rich, layered neutrals

A monochromatic, uniform colour scheme can seem quite boring, which is why you should layer different neutral tones. Mixing different neutrals in your kitchen will create a rich ambiance with an elegant appeal. From different shades of grey and beige to the unique mixtures, such as greige, a subtle palette of neutral hues will give your lovely kitchen a classic, timeless and authentic flair. You can even experiment with neutrals with greenish or bluish undertones for an unusual effect. 

3. Experiment with finishes

Embracing beautifully designed appliances with a chic finish will ensure that your kitchen never goes out of style. From the forever-popular stainless steel to other chic choices, including brass, gold and rose quartz, you can use a certain finish for both hardware and appliances or experiment by combining several finishes. However, make sure to pick appliances that feature an enchanting design. For example, reputable Electrolux refrigerators feature a modern, sleek design and they come in different styles, such as side-by-side, French doors, built-in, freestanding, etc. This way, appliances can boost both the functionality and the style of your kitchen. 

4. Add an enticing tile backsplash

A neutral colour scheme is an ideal backdrop for intricate details that can come to the forefront. In a neutral kitchen, a mesmerising tile backsplash will truly stand out, working as a beautiful focal point. A neutral background will accentuate your tile design, so don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern, scale and texture. For instance, a bold graphic design will give your neutral kitchen a truly authentic character. 

5. Welcome a pop of black for contrast

If you have an all-white kitchen, a pop of black is just what it needs. The black-and-white combination will always have a special place on the design scene owing to its stylishness and elegance. However, if you want to keep it subtle, you can use black in moderation and create a tasteful and impactful contrast. A black-and-white window treatment is a simple yet chic update that will dress up not only your windows, but your kitchen, as well. 

6. Restyle the cabinets

Your cabinets don’t have to be neutral just because the rest of the kitchen is. If you want to create a cohesive, but distinctive look, you can paint your cabinets a different shade. On the other hand, if you want to keep them in the same colour, you can add gold or quartz rose knobs and pulls. If you have glass-front cabinets, you can paint their interior a completely different colour and create a playful effect. 

7. Make it personal

By expressing your personality through the kitchen décor, you’ll certainly create a stunning look. You should simply follow your own creativity and find out what works for you. You can display your personal collection of colourful dishes or embellish your kitchen walls with your favourite artwork. Welcoming your personal belongings into the kitchen will make it feel truly yours. 
From introducing rich colours and texture to expressing your personal style, these stunning ideas will give your neutral kitchen a classic look combined with an authentic flair. 

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