7 Unique Family-Friendly Attractions In Singapore

Singapore is always one of the finest travel destinations and it is most ideal for family vacationers. If you are planning your next family vacation somewhere in Southeast Asia, make it Singapore as this small city-state has a lot to offer for you and your kids. Here are 7 unique and amazing family-friendly tourist attractions you must visit with your family:

1. Singapore Zoo

With close to 3000 species of wild animals, Singapore Zoo has to be one of the most fantastic zoos in the world. You get to see different species of animals in their enclosures, which have been styled to look exactly as their natural habitats. Would you like to see elephants from Sri Lanka in their natural habitat? Would you like to see some wildlife from Africa in Africa? This zoo is designed to take revelers to different places in the world all at the same time.
If you love geography and wildlife, this is the place to take your children. They might learn a thing or two about the world too.

2. Gardens By The Bay

Of all the man-made attractions in the world, this one has won many accolades and awards from around the world. If you take a walk through the gardens and be mesmerized by the huge artificial trees, you will see why this garden wins many awards. There are many types of plants to walk amidst. This is a stunningly beautiful place to be with your kids and appreciate the beauty of plants and flowers.

3. Night Safari in Singapore

Located close to Singapore Zoo, Singapore Night Safari is an adventure planned to take place in the night when you can get the opportunity to see many nocturnal animals in their full grandeur. This is an excellent idea because most people never get the opportunity to visit a zoo at night. Keep your eyes peeled to see some animals that you would never see in the daytime. For example, an owl can be hard to spot during the day, but you will see it here. In fact, it is the first nocturnal zoo in the world. 

4. Kidzania Singapore

Kidzania is one of the best entertainment centers for kids visiting Singapore because it lets kids have crazy fun and at the same time, in this facility, there are all types of businesses and careers and your kids can choose what they want to be. They can also get paid for the services that they offer.
Kidzania lets children get a proper glimpse into the adult world of work and business. Many parents have said that after taking their children there, their kids understood what their parents’ life was all about. From practicing surgery, selling stuff, flying planes, driving trucks, there is just about anything for the children to try their hand at. Kidzania makes all the difference in your kid’s life through role-playing.

5. ArtScience Museum

Located in the tourist heart of Singapore – the Marina Bay area, this museum has many interesting things for the whole family. There are artifacts and displays that relate to art, science and technology. In addition, every other time, there is a workshop for science, art or technology going on all the time. The difference with this museum is that you get to see science and art in a very different way as you experience it through digital means. It is certainly fascinating for the children. Do make sure you give them the opportunity to see this awesome museum. 

6. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum 

If you have always wished to take a picture with Lionel Richie but has never had the opportunity, here it is for you at Madame Tussauds. You will find a wide array of celebrities in wax form and you can take as many pictures as you want. Sports figures, popular people of the world all at the same place? Yes, that is true, but in the form of wax statues. 

7. Singapore Discovery Center

It would be a disgrace to go to Singapore and not take back something home with you about this awesome country. The country has a short history, but it is a rich history all the same. The Discovery Center will leave you very well informed, as you take part in some interactive activities. You will learn how this small country became a city-state, the hopes and visions of this country and so much more. 


Singapore is very rich as a family travel destination that you can let your kids have the best time of their childhood here. Many travelers fall in love with Singapore and consider moving to Singapore to live a life that everybody cherish. Earning the living in Singapore is easy for qualified people as most jobs are very high paying. Even a tuition teacher earns handsome monthly income here. You can easily find lots of tuition assignments in Singapore whatever your area of expertise is. And maybe you can have other jobs as you go about your tuition jobs. So, explore Singapore in your family travel and you may want to move to Singapore as well!   

*This article is written by Julia Martin.

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