In the Mix 2017 (5sos Concert)

Seeing the boys who saved me from losing my sanity during thesis months was definitely an experience I would forever treasure!! I may have partially lost my voice the next day but dancing and jumping and singing my heart out was all worth it.

5 Seconds of Summer was the main act of In the Mix 2017. It was the boys' 2nd time to visit the Philippines because they had a solo concert last year and I was there to witness it! That was a dream! Anyway, the Music Festival was held at MOA Arena and it was actually my first time to get an upper box ticket because I usually go for VIP. Having said that, I wasn't aware with the difference of the seats that I thought everything was the same so I was actually expecting ushers to assist us and there would be sellers of food and merch going around! hahaha.

Dua Lipa
Two Door Cinema Club
Zara Larsson
5 Seconds of Summer

Long story short, we missed Daya! :( Too bad though. I like her pa naman and would be amazeballs if I saw her live. Well, at least I heard her singing live even for just a few lines of her song before she was done when we finally entered and reached our seats! Sad though but at least I was able to get these photos:

I met a few 5sos fam last year <via twitter... i> whom I was supposed to watch the concert with but apparently we ended up in different seats due to the very Hunger Games-like ticket selling. One of my friends actually ended up not watching anymore. Anyhoo, nobody else but me planned to watch 5sos again this year so I looked for a new concert buddy to go with because if you know me, I don't like doing things alone. That said, my fellow YFC's sister apparently is a 5sos fan too and is also looking for a concert buddy because we have the same situation and so, we ended up buying our tickets together, and finally, watching the concert together!

We then met this cute gal who went to the concert alone. She was also lining up for the photo op when she saw my Luke Hemmings shorts and the rest is history! haha.

So okay, honestly speaking, when I saw the line up for the music festival, I was quite hesitant if I'll push through with attending because I seriously had no idea who everybody was except for 5 Seconds of Summer and Joe Jonas. But then, it's 5 Seconds of Summer so might as well have the time of my life there!

I have this really close friend on the other hand who knows everybody in the Line Up except for 5 Seconds of Summer. I know right! haha. But I know he's just messing up with me because I 5sos so he has an idea. hahaha. But he was the one who made me listen to the other artists because he told me I'm gonna like them. And so that's what I did.

DUA LIPA IS SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY A VERY BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING. I enjoyed her set even though I don't know the lyrics to most of her songs. I found myself singing and dancing along with her.

Joe Jonas was my childhood crush, you know, Jonas Brothers days. Well, I wasn't able to see one of their concerts before so SEEING HIM (kahit siya man lang sa kanilang tatlo) LIVE was definitely a dream come true! hahaha.

DNCE definitely knows how to make people off their feet! I had so much fun with their set and if ever they'd come back here in the Philippines and do a solo concert, I'd watch!

In all honesty, I seriously had no idea who Two Door Cinema Club is. No songs of theirs is familiar to me. When I listened to them on spotify weeks before the music festival, they didn't even make an impact to me. They were just okay. When I told this to my friend, he was like, "I know you'll not like them that much. That's why I didn't make you listen to them.". hahaha.

So then, the night I saw and heard them live... well guess what?! guess what?!! I WAS BLOWN AWAY IN A CHILL VIBES KIND OF WAY and guess who's a fan of the Two Door Cinema Club now?! yup! me!! :)

They were soooo amazing! They were unbelievable! Hearing them on spotify was a so-so but hearing them live was really different. You guys, I just love them so much now!

Zarra Larsson is one passionate gal! She was actually wasn't feeling so well but she kept coming out of the stage and kept performing with all her heart! She's so full of energy and her voice is just beautiful!

Seeing these boys live for the 2nd time was so heart-fulfilling! I just love them so much and it really is different when you hear your faves live!

They were, as usual, extremely rad live!

Luke Hemmings now looks like a Greek god! Luke's my number 1 by the way! Calum Hood is still so shy and still so cute! Michael Clifford still makes me happy with his hair and his voice. And let me tell you, Ashton Irwin was actually my least favorite among them but when I saw him play the drums live last year, ohmygoodness! myhart! He was fantastic that I was like, OMG ASHTON I LOVE YOU! And he still is fantastic with that drums!

I kind of regretted not going for VIP because I underestimated all the other acts since I had this thinking that I will not spend so much money since this is not 5 Seconds of Summer's solo concert. Apparently, all 6 acts were amazing and what made me regret so much was, DONNY PANGILINAN WAS THERE AT THE CONCERT and I probably would have met him if I was in the VIP Section! hahaha. I should have listened to my close friend and went for the VIP. haha. But that's alright. I still had a fantastic time!

By the way, I was way more hyper this time than last year because apparently, upper box is more spacious than in the VIP. I can dance at my seat at the UB unlike at the VIP because last year, I was standing on my chair while jumping!

I had a fantastic time with my David Archuleta friend, Mark, as well! Thanks also, Mark for eating dinner (sort of) and spending time with me especially taxi-ing going home very late at night. No photo to share because he never sent our photos. haha.

All in all, In the Mix 2017 was unforgettable! Can't wait for the next one!

P.S. Concert outfit post incoming! :)

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