Why Cafe Mithi Unleashes your Creative Soul

Located at the farthest edge of Maginhawa Street, Cafe Mithi is definitely a sanctuary for your creative soul! From the depths of its facade to the experience you'll acquire just being inside its dreamy interior and down to its delicious menu, this local coffee shop for dreamers and makers is worth a visit!


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Mithi is a Filipino term which means "wish, dream, and ambition" and true enough, the whole cafe embodies it.


{Photos by Angelica Fulgencio & KMP Manods}

A quaint little display of arts and crafts materials for sale, a hand-written menu board, and a very welcoming people will greet you upon entering the cafe. And as you go up to dine and relax, this colorful staircase will welcome you.

Although small and narrow, the 3-storey cafe is instagram-worthy and will definitely give you an experience you'll never forget! My best friend and I decided to plan our passion project in Cafe Mithi as the name itself is for the dreamers. As interior designers, we wanted to work in a place where we will be motivated and in which our brains and hearts will be boosted for ideas. And Cafe Mithi did exactly that.

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{Photo credit to the original owner}

The cafe was fully booked by the time we arrived there. So we were asked to settle at the loft in the 3rd floor. I was actually squeakily excited when I heard this because I already did my research before coming at Cafe Mithi and I was hoping that we would eat at the loft!

I was actually mesmerized by the vibe the 3rd floor gave me. It felt as if I was a kid again, and as much as I wanted to ran towards the loft and climb up, I held myself because there was an on-going workshop and I don't want their attention (lol). But "All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.", quoting from The Little Prince, the interior design was actually very effective. It was a fun room-filled with passion and creativity which actually makes you feel like playing and that, you forget that you have adult responsibilities outside the 4 walls of the cafe!

I'm not sure what this tiny low table is for. Is it for food? If it is then this is embarrassing and I'm so sorry! Because we didn't use it as food table...

But my hand-painted shoes looks so photogenic here! :")

Hello! If you want me to hand-paint your shoes, then I'd be glad to do so! :)


Waiting for your order isn't such a burden when you're at Cafe Mithi because their walls are painted in a cloud-like mural, you'll surely enjoy taking selfies!

Good lighting too! Agree? :)


Their menu includes a wide array of espresso, brewed coffee, tablea, drinks, snacks, desserts, and rice meals! The names of their food is really interesting too as most of them are in tagalog words such as Ulap, Giliw, Humaling, Masagana, Kariktan, etc. Yes, you read that right! You can order kariktan if you feel like you lack it! (I'm kidding!).

My friend and I both ordered bagnet pasta.
It costs Php 135.00 per one order.

The Bagnet Pasta was so delicious! You can tell by our faces!
I'm a pasta lover and I must say, this one is something you'd want to eat over and over. You'll definitely go back for more!

I then ordered the must-try of Cafe Mithi which is Alab. It's a hot chocolate drink made of pure cacao tablea plus siling labuyo. Yes friends, siling labuyo (chili pepper)!

As you can tell by my face (photos above), I was kind of scared but so willing to try it. I mean, I seriously am not a fan of anything chili but guess what? It tastes sooooo good!

My friend on the other hand tried out the Frozen Tablea. It tastes similar to Alab, only it's frozen and it doesn't have the chili taste. But still good!

Alab - Php 125.00
Frozen Tablea - Php 150.00


Patterns painted on the white walls...

Cafe Mithi has a free wifi, but it doesn't reaches the 3rd floor.

But the people at the cafe were very friendly and accommodating. They transferred us at the 2nd floor as soon as the workshop finished so we can use their wifi and work.

The 2nd floor interior is more chic than at the 3rd floor. I also like the fact that there are quotes everywhere and there are so many art pieces all over the cafe!

Did you see the hanging cranes at the photo above?

The whole interior of Cafe Mithi definitely attracts positive atmosphere. Even the simple minimalist design of the bathroom has some positive vibe in it! Look...

Although it's no guarantee that your mithi (dreams) will come true after a cup of Alab or a cup of buhawi and a bowl full of humaling, Cafe Mithi assures you an experience of a lifetime that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired to do whatever it is and work for it, as you walk out of the door.

Cafe Mithi 
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Address: 131, V. Luna Extension,
Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Contact No: 02-4357448
Email Address: mithi.maginhawa@gmail.com

Operating Hours: 
M, Tu, Th: 3pm - 10pm
Fri, Sat: 11am - 11pm
​Sunday: 10am - 10pm

Photos taken by Rae Abigael Caacbay and Divine Jermaine Aquino
P.S. Cafe Mithi also holds workshops every weekend so do check them out!

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  1. Wow! I think I can visit here too at one point hehe. But I kinda feel so secluded here. Too narrow? Hope it doesn't get too warm inside. :) But it does look enticing to free your mind from those thoughts and just put them to art. :)

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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    1. Hi Chai! It's narrow nga. But most establishments in Maginhawa naman are narrow. Cafe Mithi has an AC but it was really hot when we got there.. sa may loft, hapon kasi kaya kami tinapatan ng electric fan! haha. But the temperature cools down around 5pm, the usual PH scenario. haha! Pero visit mo sila, masaya naman experience! :)

  2. Wow, such a lovely cafe. And I love the pillows, I can stay there all day!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  3. Wow! So wonderful photos!
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  4. Wow these pictures are so amazing and interesting.