How To Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home

If we could have it our way, we’d spend all our time out in the nature when the weather is nice. But alas, real life doesn’t permit that to happen. Instead, we’re forced to spend time in our homes, be it if only for sleeping and preparing meals or when the temperature just begins to dip slightly in the evening. Don’t despair, however, because we’re on hand to to provide a few tips on how you can bring the outdoors into your home and feel like you’re always outside rolling on the grass.

Indoor Greenery 

The first step is also the easiest - simply physically bring the outdoors into your home by adding plants as a permanent summer fixture to your home and buying fresh spring flowers to be on display. Away from the actual flowers, you can bring spring inside by making the most of floral design cushions and placing them around your home. Essentially, you don’t want to ever find it difficult to find signs of the natural world when you’re in your home.

Go Big 

So much of our attraction to spring and summer is to do with lighting. If you can let as much natural light as possible into your home, then it will feel like spring. Look at replacing your current windows with Monte Verde windows and you’ll be able to enjoy the maximum viewing area in the outdoors, which will help you to see spring in all its glory, but more importantly you’ll be letting all those fantastic sun rays into your home. The key to bridging the gap between the outdoors and indoors is to make it seem like they naturally flow into each other, and you’ll be able to do this if you have large windows.

Make Your Own Scents

After the light, it’s all about the smells of nature that we love. While you can’t really capture the deep smells of the woods in your home, you can make your own scents and make your home feel fresh. Adding a few oil diffusers around your home or boiling cucumber and other fresh fruit and veg will give you the spring sensory experience everyone loves.

Investing in Wicker and Wood

If you want to bring the outside world into your home, then do your best to have the infrastructure of your home as naturally as possible. If you can add wicker chairs and baskets and woods that look distressed to your home, you’ll be creating a ‘nature chic’ interior design theme to your home. If you have the time, create a wooden crate flower box and have it rest on a windowsill. Everywhere you look there’ll be a reminder of the outside world!

Nature’s Gems 

Finally, look at adding a few natural keepsakes to your home. Sea shells, washed up wood debris, and other interesting natural items you can find in nature on your walks will create a nature theme in your home. You’ll also be able to have plenty of fun finding them, too!

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  1. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  2. Adding some nature's touch in my house has always been a goal as well. Hmmm, now I'm thinking to make that plan happen a little sooner hehe :) Like on my veranda. Plus the scents will definitely work on my home thinking moments too :)

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