An All Black Outfit

It's so friggin' hot in the Philippines so I'm gonna wear black and pretend like I am not sweating like a frozen food 5 minutes out of the fridge! --- okay, kidding! It wasn't that hot because I was inside the mall the entire time.  :p

This ensemble is what I wore when we watched Train to Busan, like months and months ago. And since our movie time was the last full show, the stores were closing, hence, the "saradong tindahan" (closed store) backdrop. haha!

(I like how this candid shot turned out. I find it cool. lol)

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WEARING: 'Take me to the moon' Top - Mall | Black High-Waist Pants and Gray Beret - Small unbranded shops | Guess Handbag | Sneaker Heels - Zalora

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  1. Here in Bavaria it's the opposite: it's cold and snowy... Your look is cool!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. wish our weather is a little colder though. hehe. anyway, thanks a lot rena! :))

  2. You look fabulous in your all-black ensemble! If you hadn't referred to it I wouldn't have realised it was so hot there in your 'Take me to the moon' top, black high-waist pants and Gray beret - cute OOTD!

  3. You look great in black Rae... it's good you are trying to stay cool in the mall... it's a good idea xox

  4. very hip outfit! ;)

  5. I love total black look

  6. Loving this casual street style look babe. You're rocking it! xo, sharon