Take me to the moon

Life lately: I've delved into the adulting world and I've been drowning in it for more than a year now so I just want to fly to the moon and vanish.

It must be so beautiful to go to the moon and think about everything that's been happening in your life over there. If only it was easy enough, I would have visited over and over. But no, so let's just talk about my outfit instead. :)

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I found this one-hundred peso top inside the mall, of which the brand I totally can't remember... even the mall i can't remember... and I must say, although it's scorching hot in the Philippines and this is black, by far this is my favorite top to date! Aside from the really comfy material, I super love the "Take me to the moon" print on it! Seriously, seriously I admire the moon a lot and anything with moon in it makes my heart giddy!

I paired this gorgeous top with this blue lace jeggings, black ankle-high socks, sneakers, and black sweater. Of course the accessories need to be moon-related too to make the whole look cohesive.

WEARING: 'Take me to the moon' Top - Mall | Jeggings and black socks -Small unbranded shop | black sneakers -Kicks | black sweater -hand-me-down | Moon Necklace c/o Born Pretty | Dreamcatcher bracelet -Greenhills

Photos by Jude Dominic
Photo Edits by Rae Abigael Caacbay

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  1. I really love your tshirt! Really nice!

  2. You look beautiful: D
    Very nice pants :)
    Are following me and I follow you?


  3. You are so,so beautiful! Anyways, I followed you, #923, nice to follow back ♥


  4. Such a cute top! I love it! xo, sharon


  5. I really like your shirt! Nice editing too :D

    Joyce | Joycentricity

  6. Nice outfit.Maybe we could follow each other :)

  7. I love this tshirt

    1. thanks alessandra! it's one of my favorites ever! :">