Top tips on how to improve your sleeping pattern

Sleep patterns are easily thrown off balance; especially for those who already have problems with disorders, apnea, or other medical conditions. In order to maintain a routine sleep patterns, so you can fall and stay asleep, these are some simple tips to improve the way you sleep. 

Keep a schedule 

Don't change the time you lay down to bed each night. If you choose 9 PM as your bedtime, stick to it. If you choose to set your alarm to wake up at 8 AM the next morning keep that pattern. Don't change it on the weekends, or for special occasions either. The more rhythm the body gets used to, the easier it is going to modify and get used to the patterns you are developing. 

Your bed matters 

If you have a bed that is 10 or 15 years old, it's time for a change. Yes this is a costly investment but one which will instantly change your comfort levels. Make sure you find something which offers support, yet allows you to comfortably lay down in the manner you typically sleep, for a comfortable night of rest. 

Lighting in the room

Even the dimmest, smallest light peeking into the window can keep certain people up at night. When going to sleep, try to make sure your room is dark, isn't off balance, or there aren't other distractions or surrounding noise in the room. The more quiet and the darker it is when you fall asleep the easier it is going to be for you to stay asleep as well. 

Sunrise alarm clocks

Sunrise alarm clocks are also a good way of improving your sleeping pattern. They wake you up slowly by increasing the natural light in your room until you wake up.  The alarm helps to regulate your sleeping pattern and it also helps you feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. See here for more information on the benefits of sunrise clocks.

Sleeping and distractions are common. For those who have issues falling or staying asleep at night, or both, pattern is key. These are a few tips which will get you on your way to a better night, and continual nights of sleep, so you can wake up feeling rested.

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Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions on this article are not mine. I was compensated to publish but this intends to share general knowledge and tips on improving sleeping pattern.

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  1. personally I can't fall asleep, if there's some light in a room)


  2. Thanks for the tips its always a struggle for me to wake up in time. :)

  3. Sunshine usually wakes me up regardless of what time I went to bed

  4. I have the worst sleeping patterns... I need to be more diligent in going to bed at an earlier time or at least the same time ... and closing everything off... some really great tips Rae xox