FREEBIE: Watering Succulents Tracker

I bought two succulents from That Green Thing last June at Free Space by Art Sundays, in replacement to the 3 baby cacti & succulent I had which I unintentionally murdered due to over-watering (I think). Actually, I'm not sure if I over-watered them or under-watered them (because I often forget to water them as well) or I wasn't just able to take good care of them. So this time, to prevent that from happening and to better take care of my new babies, I made a "watering succulents tracker".

Truth be told, I was just planning on downloading one on pinterest but I can't find anything! So I made one instead and I'm sharing it with you guys! Hopefully, we can give our succulents and cacti longer lives because they deserve that.

I used to water my succulents every other day because the seller told me to do so. Apparently, I shouldn't have done that because after buying my new babies, I researched and found out that I should only water them once or twice a week. How often you water your succulents will depend on your country's weather/temperature. And always remember that under-watering is way better than over-watering because if ever you under-water them, you can always give them water. But if you over-water them, you can not remove the water from them. So right now, I water my succulents once a week only (since summer is already over and the heat is lesser now). I must say, they are very healthy and they are with me for almost 3 months now. So I guess I'm taking good care of them now and my tracker is working!

You can download this free pdf downloadable watering succulents tracker here. Just please don't claim this as your own. If you want to share this, please link here on my blog or at least mention me. Thank you very much and enjoy your tracker! :)

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  1. such a cool idea to have this watering succulent calender! your plants look really healthy indeed, looks like watering them once a week was a good idea.

  2. They look amazing! Happy Sunday, babe! xoxo

  3. I killed a cactus years ago... this sounds like it would be good for me to have when I decide to try growing a plant again xox