Design Ideas: A Comfy And Cosy Bedroom

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When you think about designing your bedroom, your main focus should be on comfort. Forget about style and beauty for the moment because this is where you will be spending your nights. So, you want it to be nice and cosy for those restful sleeps. Perhaps, you are already having difficulty sleeping at night. I can tell you right now that the culprit will most likely be the design of your bedroom. So, let’s figure out how to fix it, starting with the bed.

Getting The Right Bed For Your Bedroom

Always start with the bed when considering how to improve the design of this room. It is the most important piece of furniture and you want it to be the right one for your needs. So, don’t rule out buying a completely new bed because your comfort is what matters most. First, choose a frame that fits your style. You could go for a modern design with a stainless steel frame if you want your bed to look classy. Or, you may want to opt for the more traditional oak wood frame as long as the rest of the furniture in your room matches up. You can also consider looking at ultra modern frame designs. These are often leather and quite low to the floor. They will make your room look stylish but are quite a nightmare to get up from if you have a bad back.

Next, choose your mattress and there are many types for you to decide between. If you have a bad back, you are better off going with a firmer mattress but for trouble sleeping, try memory foam. This will make you feel like you are falling asleep on a marshmallow!

Then, dress up your bed with some gorgeous linen sheets from Your bed is the centre of the room and you certainly want it to look the part.

Choosing The Curtains

The second most important part of decorating your bedroom is choosing the right curtains. Again, these can either help you get the best night's sleep or add a little more light to your room if you so choose. If your house is situated near a main road, and your room looks out onto it, it would be best to consider a thicker set of curtains. When choosing the colour, opt for a shade that complements the room's colour but does not mimic it. For instance, black curtains look brilliant with a cream, white room. If you have serious issues sleeping, do try installing blinds behind the curtains to block out the light completely.

Getting The Lights

Lastly, you should add a few pieces of furniture and then focus on the lights. If you are a bedtime reader, try buying a couple designer lamps for each side of the bed. Or, if you have more money to spend you may want to install some fairy lights in your ceiling to create the effect of a night sky. These will look terrific and the process will take a long weekend as well as two to three hundred dollars.

Once you're finished with making your bedroom comfy and stylish, check out my ideas for a luxurious bathroom.

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