Interior Design Tips To Help Create The Perfect Study Area

If you have a spare room in your house, why not convert it into a study? Having a study area can be great as it helps you concentrate better! If you look below, you’ll see some key things to consider when designing your home study:


Consider the lighting in your study area. I’d suggest you get lights that come with a dimmer switch. This can create a much better atmosphere for you to study in. If you dim the lights a little, it can help you relax and get more work done. Or, if you turn them up bright, it stops you from falling asleep and keeps you alert.

I’d highly recommend dimmer switches over regular on/off switches. They let you play around with the lighting and mood so that you can get the perfect light balance. Something as simple as lighting can have a huge effect on your studying ability.

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You’ll need to equip your study with the right furniture. The first thing on your list should be a desk for you to study at. You’ll want a nice desk with enough room to put all your papers, laptop, and everything else you use. It should also be sturdy and not wobble around. There’s nothing worse than a desk that keeps wobbling about.

Secondly, think about the chair at your desk. There are many different chair options that are great for a study. You can buy a cool office chair, or even make one yourself. Homemade chair designs are awesome, have a look at some Ian Snow interiors for inspiration. No matter what style you go for, it has to be comfy. It’s a lot easier to study when you have a comfortable chair to sit in.

I’d also recommend you get some other comfortable furniture to relax in. A nice soft sofa or big comfy armchair would be perfect. This makes for a great place to sit and do any reading that you have to get done.


Now we get to the fun part - decorating the walls! The walls in your study are going to be unlike any other room in the house. I’ll explain what I mean by that in just a few moments. First, though, you have to get the wall design sorted. Choose between either wallpaper or a painted wall. The design is totally up to you, but I prefer something quite basic. I don’t like having patterns on the wall; it can be distracting.

Once you’ve got the basic colours decided, it’s time to decorate your wall. This is where your study comes into its own. This is where the walls of the room stand out from the rest. On the walls, you should place posters or pictures of things that will help with studying. For example, if you’re studying lots of maths, have a times table poster up. Or a poster with lots of common equations to help you remember them. If you’re doing history then maybe have a poster with lots of famous dates on it. Whatever you’re studying, put things up, that relate to the subject, on your walls. This is a great idea that really turns a room into a study area.

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  1. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  2. equipping a room with the right furniture is as equally important as having it well-lit and painting its walls clean... your post makes me want to renovate my room! if only i have the funds! hehe
    The Girl with the Muji Hat