On cutting my hair short...

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

I said goodbye to my very loooooooooooooong Merida/ Mermaid-like hair. If you've been following me on twitter or if we're friends on facebook, you are aware that I finally had a major haircut after so many months of contemplating on whether or not I will cut it short. Well, ladies and gents, I finally did it. And I just want to document and talk about this major change hence, this blog post. Also, I've been ask by everyone why I cut it short. I'm not into long explanations verbally so I just usually answer, "wala lang. feel ko lang. sawa na kasi ako eh". But there's actually more than that. And as a person who expresses her thoughts more on written words, I'm now doing the deeper explanation here.

Last May 17, 2015, I finally had the courage to do it and cut it short! OMG. Truth be told, I wanted to cut it short last year but fear started creeping in with the thought and I really don't want to lose my long locks. I'm torn between wanting the best of both lengths and I am so used to long hair that it became my asset, all thanks to the protagonist of the Disney movie, Brave!

I like how my hair can be a conversation starter. I like how my hair makes strangers talk to me. I like how my hair gets me new friends/acquaintances. I like how my hair makes me visible among the sea of people. I like how my hair makes me feel like a real mermaid. I like how my hair is hair goals. I like how my hair makes me hear whispers of compliments from strangers. I like how my hair makes me feel special. I like how my hair makes me appear ethereal and gypsy and hipster and dreamy all at the same time. I love how my hair pushes my self-esteem up especially because I am insecure about a lot of stuff including things going on in my physical appearance.

BUT despite all of this, I cut it short. I effing cut it short. What pushed me to do it?

I don't really know. YOLO. lol. I mean, I'll surely miss hella all of the feels I just mentioned especially the fact that my hair makes me feel beautiful (I have issues on the "b word" don't judge). But change is good. I decided to cut it short before graduation because my life is about to change and I'm ready to conquer the world with my new hair! Actually, doing this major change is like a preparation for my life's next chapter --- the real world. The real world is scary just like cutting my hair short but it's all about taking risks and being able to accept whatever life throws at you (deep realizations from a major haircut. haha).

I was teary-eyed when this was happening --- my hair was being chopped off!

The roots of my hair was also retouched and I got blue highlights. Actually, I wanted to dye my whole hair blue but we were told to not dye our hairs with colors far from natural for graduation. We can do whatever after graduation. So I only got highlights. Unfortunately, the blue dye faded to quickly and I currently have golden highlights. I'm planning to dye my whole hair blue really soon.

I also got my nails done by the way! :)

And ta-duuuhhhh. MAJOR HAIRCUT.


After my major haircut, I keep a "don't be sad" list in my mind:

1. HAIR GROWS. hair grows. hair grows. If I badly miss my super long, mermaid hair, it will grow back in a year or so.


3. NEW LOOK = VERSATILITY. I think I look okay whether with a super long hair or short hair. Also, whether with a curly hair or straight hair. heh!~

 Long VS short hair photos selfies

 Do I miss my long hair? YES. I miss it a lot. But, I LOVE MY HAIR SHORT! I really love my new hair! :3

I was in a sad, "i miss my hair" phase in the first week of the transition but right now, I love it so much and I'm glad I finally did it. I just wish that somehow, my short curly hair can continue my advocacy of fighting the poison that the media is giving to curly hairs with the same impact that my long hair has done.

What do you think of my new hair? :">

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  1. I love your new hair Rae... it looks so pretty on you... I understand missing your long hair... I missed mine too... but change is good and it grows back. I have some purple in my hair.. I look forward to seeing yours blue later ♡♡♡

    1. Hello Launna! Thank you very much! :) Can I see your purple hair? hehe. And I can't wait to dye mine blue! :D

  2. totally love the new cut, u look chic

  3. such a big change!

    but you look just as beautiful with your new hair...and even more confident!


  4. I like it, the cut looks great on you!



  5. My wife went through a similar experience but her hair wasn't nearly as long. Yours looks good though

    1. Thanks Adam! By the way, is your wife Filipina? I've been curious for so long. hihi

  6. You look great with your new haircut, but you really had amazingly long hair, So is totally comprensible you miss a bit them! :D

    1. awww thank you so much Silvia! :) I'll live with this. Short hair, long hair --- all good! hehe :3

  7. you look good with short hair! tipid ka na sa shampoo & conditioner :) hahaha