Wishlist: Plaids Galore Ft. 10 Dollar Mall

I don't own a lot of plaid pieces inside my closet but I have a piece or two. No pastels though. But I'd like to fill it up with more plaids! It's not as whimsical as most of the pieces I own and love, however I want to experiment and create more whimsical and dreamy ensembles with plaids so I've decided to round up some lovely and pretty plaid pieces from 10dollarmall.com :)

I've been asked by the shop to partner up with them and I just had to create this wishlist board because why not? I think the shop is the counterpart of our "ALL ITEMS AT PHP10" here in the Philippines, but better and with a higher quality.

 At 10DollarMall, they specialize in low-cos tapparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories that are both in season and on-trend.  Their unique business model allows them to purchase limited quantity overstock inventory at heavily discounted prices from selected manufacturers. By cutting out all middlemen (wholesales, distributors, etc), and specializing in constantly changing assortment, they’re able to operate on low margins and therefore provide customers with remarkable deals.  In fact, all items on their site are not only good quality but also less than $10. They ship exclusively from the US within one day of purchase so you won’t have to wait long for your item to arrive.

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  1. lovely items! i like plaids. i'm checking 10dollarmall shop now. thanks for sharing

  2. they have quite a nice plaid collection