Instagram Round-Up: March 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a meaningful and blessed Holy Week! I am finally doing this on my blog because I finally have an instagram account! ;)) 

My March was interestingly amazing. So many good things has happened and if I have to let it out, March is probably one of the best months of my 2015! Anyway, I still have so many things to do to be honest. I have no idea why but even the 24 hours is seriously not enough. If only I can get some extra time in a day. I really suck at time management right now. I used to be so amazing at planning. Any tips? haha. Graduation is fast-approaching, I don't know what to feel. :|

Anyway, my instagram username is @raellarina or just go to this link if you're interested. I am quite amused with instagram. I have already posted all these photos in just one month!

Wishing for a better and more fun April! I hope we'll all have a great month! God bless!~

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  1. Great pictures! I don't have a Instagram account. Sometimes I also wish more a hours for a day :D But that doesn't work!

  2. You had a blast last month. May April be more epic.
    Happy Easter!

  3. I love Instagram too Rae... I don't post more than once or twice a week but I love checking it out daily to see what others have posted... I wish I had tips for time management, I am not good with it myself... although I will have to learn to be goo with it, I am taking the last course I need starting in June or July... I am not sure when it is being offered... but I will have to buckle down and put a ton of effort into it... Happy Easter xox