Candy floor art installation that doesn't just look sweet because it is sweet!

As I was searching for inspiration, I landed upon this sweet art installation by Australian artist, Tanya Schultz. Having a sweet tooth and a love for colors, I instantly fell in love with her work!

She started creating these works together with artist Nicole Andrijevic as Pip & Pop before they parted ways. She uses thousands of candies to turn rooms into sweet wonderlands! With materials such as sand, sugar beads, candy, and toys, Schultz art doesn't just look sweet – because it is sweet!

Definitely psychedelic, sweet, and beautiful! I am in love with Schultz works! More info at pip & pop.

{post via boredpanda}

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  1. Rae, wow... this is pretty interesting and creative... I love all the colors xox

  2. wow! great photos:)

  3. I love Pip & Pop creations! I hope I get to see one of their installations in real life someday. :)

  4. I love this! Such amazing colours :)