Interesting facts about popular cocktails

Like any other thing, cocktails have their own history and trivia. It is only logical given that cocktails are so interesting and intriguing drinks. The very sight of them makes you feel happy and jovial. No wonder people get hooked up on these mixtures so easily; they have combination of relaxing and nice colors and interesting tastes. There are many different stories about these popular cocktails, most of them are really funny and in some cases, they show individual’s ingenuity.

                During early 1940s, World War 2 was ragging all over the Europe and Asia. At the same time, people in America were more-less undisturbed. Naturally, many products were unpopular during the war. Although American wasn’t in direct conflict with USSR, there was certain hostility between two countries. No one was buying vodka at the time. One day, Wes Price, a bartender in Cock ‘N’ Bull bar, located in Hollywood, mixed vodka and ginger ale (another unpopular drink) in order to clear the basement. He came up with an excellent cocktail which launched popularity of Smirnoff vodka in USA.

                Back in the day, British army was perhaps the most influential colonial and global force. Many territories all over the world belonged to them and they were constantly engaged in different conflicts. During war in the Indies, many soldiers were victims of malaria. In order to counter this disease, soldiers started using tonic water because quinine inside of it. The main issue was the taste of the drink which was awful. So, the best way of dealing with the taste was to make a mixture. Soldier put gin and tonic together. When they returned home, they continued consuming the drink in this form so gin and tonic cocktail was born.

                Most of the cocktails were product of mishap while the others were deliberately made. Don Ramon Lopez had a company that sold premade coconut liquor. Given that the product wasn’t popular at the time, this crafty businessman gave coconut liquor to different bartenders and encouraged them to use it in their cocktails and invent a popular brand. One of them came up with Pina Colada, drink that has pineapple juice, coconut and rum in it.

                Irish coffee was a mixture that was made by Joe Sheridan. During winter of 1940 a group of American tourists disembarked at Shannon International Airport. Most of them were cold and in order to keep them warm, Sheridan served them coffee. This wasn’t a regular coffee because it had whiskey in it; Sheridan thought that this will keep the passengers warm. When they asked him what it was, he said that it was Irish coffee.

                Naturally, most of these cocktails became immensely popular. You can basically find at least one of these drinks in any bar in the world. One bar that has many innovative cocktails is D.W. Alexander – bar & lounge in Toronto. This is a right place for you if you are a big fan of cocktails and if you wish to experience something new.

Disclaimer: This post is a guest post by D.W. Alexander.

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