The Happy List Vol. 2

1. Falling asleep to the sound of rain
2. The smell of the after rain
3. Being called by my professor as "Prima Ballerina" or "Ballerina" or "Ms. Ballerina" or "Bailarina" instead of my name like everyone else in class.
4. Crying hard while watching Raise your Voice and A Walk to Remember in one night
5. Unshaved legs
6. Being greeted by YFC members (whom I really don't know) in the streets, outside our school campus.
7. Knowing I'm closer to the future with each thesis plate i finish
8. Making another sale on etsy. Someone actually likes my art!
9. Class Suspensions
10. Helpful strangers at the post office.

This list is now being posted a little late. I'm not sure if I'm as happy as I should be while I'm typing this because as I've said in my previous post, something happened which I'm not yet ready to fully share (somehow similar to number 4) but it made me really, really sad. Still, I am trying to convince myself that there are still a lot of happy things to be thankful for despite the lost. And I guess from now on, I will appreciate every single moment I have with my loved ones.

Have a happy week dreamers, and keep spreading the love and happiness!

++ I first saw this "happy list" from Ate Camie's blog and I find it very interesting.++
{original photo is not mine. found it on tumblr}

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  1. Good luck on your thesis! One step at a time, Rae. You'll get there. :)

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  2. Good luck on your thesis! Also: your art is beautiful. :)

  3. I love happy lists, they have a way of reminding us of the good things in our lives... there are alwys going to be difficult challenges to handle, yet happiness is always a choice (not an easy one though)

    Have a great day Rae <3

  4. I don't think any of my teachers gave me or anyone else a nickname. One kid wanted to be randomly called Bingo, and the teacher refused to call him that.

  5. I love the smell of before and after rain too. Ah, doesn't it feel very special to be known by your professor as a trait uniquely you? Back when I was in JC (something like in between high school and university), my literature tutor called me "beautiful chinese eyes" but that's coz I was frequently in my grey/green contacts and I've to keep reminding him that. Lol

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. hahaha! thank you for sharing your story jo :)))

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  7. I really like happy lists :D
    Ur blog is very interesting!!
    I followed you, and I am looking forward to ur next posts!


  8. Don't forget reading a good book while it's raining outside! Totally agree with numbers 1 & 2! :)

    Style Reader