Product Review: Pastel Pink Bow Ring from Gwyllion

I've always been a Hello Kitty fan though not as obsessed and as addicted as those known as Hello Kitty lovers. However, Hello Kitty has been a part of my childhood and I can vividly remember myself collecting stationery, stickers, and other thingamabobs related to this sanrio character. She's pink and that's why I love her so much... I guess.

Receiving this pastel pink bow ring (similar here) from Gwyllion made me nostalgic. The adorable pastel ring reminds me of the bow Hello Kitty wears!

Agree? :")

I have worn it several times already and I can say that the ring is sturdy and the pink pastel bow strongly sticks to the ring base. I mean, this ring traveled all the way from New York to the Philippines!!! If that isn't already a strong proof. Well, I have a couple of rings which I bought from small shops and sadly, they broke easily. This ring is wonderful though. And I've been wearing it to school!

It's so lovely I'm considering it as one of my favorite rings so far!!! :"3

P.S. Outfit post featuring this cutesy adorbs pastel ring soon!~

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  1. I can't say I've ever been a fan, but I do love that ring, it's so cute!

    Corinne x

  2. adorable....I love Hello Kitty too!

  3. Lovely ring Miss! So cute!

  4. aww so cute!

  5. thats such a cute bow ring
    keep in touch

  6. It's so cute! Back when I was in my Kawaii phase, I used to wear cute little rings with miniature bows or donuts. I wouldn't mind wearing this now, tho. :)

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  7. This is definitely a cute bow ring, it reminds of Hello Kitty's bow too.... Valentina would like this ... she loves pink ;)

  8. Lovely ring!