LIFE LATELY: F-U-N Before Thesis Stress + Thesis Update

Before thesis.... I was. still. smiling.

First row: Family time at SM Aura  
Middle row: NBA Cafe (I have 2 brothers), watched David Archuleta's vlog pretending that we're on a video call (HAHA!), and selfie with my brothers during our Aunt and Uncle's 25th wedding anniversary
 3rd row: (1-2) YFC-UST's general assembly, shoes from Zalora ph!)

Sorry if I have been MIA these couple of weeks. I have never been this stressed in my school life ever. I mean seriously, who knew that you have to DO THIS AND BE SO STRESSED IN CHASING YOUR DREAM?! Fortunately, I am very passionate about Interior Design and Ballet and I'm so glad that I'm working on the AFP Theater to be my design project for thesis. Apparently, my passion for ballet keeps me going! (and my ever so supportive family). I actually don't want to talk about my thesis just yet because I still have to do the book and face the panel of jurors. It's just that, yesterday was our thesis endorsement and I actually accepted the fact that I might not get endorsed and do thesis again next year because I still have 3 perspectives left to do yesterday. But God works in mysterious ways and I AM ENDORSED. OMG! I don't know how that happened but I am so glad that I have my family and all my friends who helped me be endorsed! Although being endorsed doesn't mean that I'll surely pass thesis, still, I'm so glad I reached this level.

So anyway, let me show you how busy I am through these photos...

The checklist. 14 plates to do per area. We need to do 4 areas!

My dad helped me in painting these. I sneeze in the odor of the paints. :( These plywood samples are for my swatch boards.

Made my own paint swatch because I have a black paint and I don't have a "black paint swatch" to use on my swatch board.

Made swatch boards because (DUH) it's one of the requirements per area. Actually, I enjoy making swatch boards. It's one of my favorite things to do ever! haha!

Making the swatch board. This was for the AFP Theater Lobby.

CAD. I seriously swear that I'm not a big fan of CAD. I mean, the essence of being an interior designer for me is lost when you work using the computer rather than using your own hands in creating plans. :'( Really don't like the innovations of technology. But hey, I'm working on BIG AREAS so I guess CAD helped me finish on "almost"time. :)

And then I managed to send orders (fly happily to your new friends Hedwig!!). The owls (aceos) are still available on my shop. 5 left as of the moment! :")

Late nights and no sleep means midnight snacks!~omnomnom~

I really love marshmallows! And putting them in my hot milk is heaven! <3

Just showing off my coaster from Mrs. Charlotte Brown, owner of Interior-Design-it yourself website! <3

food oh food! :3 I don't really drink coffee because I train myself to ruin my body clock :( but times like these, I do. Although most of the time, I still get sleepy even with caffeine in my body.

Did I mention that I love marshmallows? :')

Right now, our house looks like a junk yard or something because my stuff are literally everywhere. I'll probably start cleaning tomorrow since drafting and drawing is almost really done.

I'm actually taking my thesis seriously so I've been going to showrooms and emailing suppliers and this (the photo), consulting a specialist on ACU. I'm lucky that my mom has so many friends. *wink*

I'm still on thesis mode you guys. I just managed to squeeze this post in. :-) Anyway, please do include me in your prayers as I am really nervous about my thesis.

Have a blessed week everyone!~

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  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. that marshmallow candy looks pretty good

  3. Oh my, you've got a lot of stuff on your hands! We'll be having our thesis next year, and now I'm scared. :(

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

    1. awww. don't be scared! baka mas stressful lang yung amin kasi yung thesis namin is individual tapos book + almost 60 plans in one sem lang.

  4. I certainly will Rae .. I hope it all goes well. I'm not doing a thesis... just a course and that is stressful enough for me :) Have a good week ;)

  5. ahhh love looking at all your work, looks amazing! xx

  6. So amazing pics
    Maggie D.
    <a href="”>Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary- Fashion Blog</a>

  7. those photos are so positive <3

  8. Lovely photos! Good luck with your thesis!!! ;) xoxo

  9. Hey dear, good luck on your thesis! Just don't forget to take some time to breathe once in a while ok?

    Love all those swatches too by the way! I used to have a ton for when I painted my old apartment lol, but you have way more than what I had hahaha!

    1. thank you, thank you! :) haha! I just have some sources. I have the swatches since I was in 3rd year college :">

  10. I love marshmellow too, but I've never tried to put them into milk!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

  11. good luck to your thesis!

  12. Lovely photos sweetie. I love marshmallow ! :)