Summer Skirts // Chiffon Skirts

Even if summer has already ended from my side of the world, the scorching heat is still on-going and what better way to still be fashionable in this hot weather than to wear chiffon skirts or what I like to call summer skirts?

I love how this is like a maxi skirt but it's see through.

I'm just in love with pastels! And the detail of this skirt is lovely. It's perfect to wear at the beach or even at the mall!

This one is short but I love its intricate design.

See-through plus slits! Such a nice skirt to wear if you want to be fashionable even if the weather is extremely hot. I just love summer skirts (chiffon skirts) and I am currently somehow obsessed with them. I have few pieces on my wardrobe and I want to add more!

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. :) I can't even remember where I got these photos as this post has been on my drafts for so long. I will, however, update this as soon as I find out where I got these summer skirt's photos.

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  1. Nice skirts. They look very cooling.

  2. Love those skirts :"">

  3. love those skirts too :) been really craving for those for summer. Pero wala sa budget eh hahaha

    1. ahaha. ako din ate em! di ka nag-iisa!mahal din kasi eh :\ :))

  4. Summer is on its full swing on my part if the world and these maxi skirts are just perfect to best the heat in the perfect way
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  5. Maxi's are such a go to! Especially Day to night.


  6. Raellarina, I like those skirts that have a long see through look over the short skirt, sexy and pretty ;-)

  7. Love the first maxi skirt in cream! Looks like it would be great for hot weather.

  8. See through dresses and skirts are very much in vogue right now. Did you see that Rihanna won the 2014 CFDA Fashion Icon Award wearing a completely see-through dress? It was beautiful. I love the trend.