Prom Dresses Turned Into Ballet Costumes

Ballet costumes can be pretty expensive and as a ballerina who also performs outside of my ballet school, I need a variety of costumes. And I think that a great alternative for ballet costumes are prom dresses! As I was browsing for prom dresses in the world wide web, I found these wonderful prom dresses online! And to be honest, I can see myself dancing on the stage wearing these dresses!~

SWAN LAKE. This white prom dress has a skirt almost similar to a ballerina's tutu and I love how the dress is sleeveless and not a tube because you can freely move and dance without worrying about wardrobe malfunction. :) You can just wear a skin tone or a leotard underneath or just wear a cycling shorts then put on your pointe shoes and you're good to go.

ROMEO AND JULIET. This is probably one of my most adored ballet of all time! This prom dress is one shouldered and has a chiffon Watteau Train Beading! It's flowy and I think that it's perfect to use for a Juliet ballet costume. The details are intricate as well so it makes this prom dress fantastic!

I think this prom dress is perfect if you need a flowy ballet costume. It's a one-shoulder gown and I really love the black and blue color combination. It's dreamy and it reminds me of water nymphs. Ballet is like a representation of ethereal and dreamy creatures so I think that this prom dress is perfect. (:

If you ever need an alternative for a tutu, this Tulle prom dress fits perfectly for that word. It's girly, sweet and so lovely! Just wear a pink leotard underneath, and wear a flower crown as your head dress!

I am so glad that I have found these prom dresses online. It's hassle-free and I can even ask them to customize my desired dresses. So aside from these pieces being perfect as prom dresses, they are also perfect as ballet costumes!

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  1. great idea.. that'll save you a lot of penny!

  2. Love wearing tutus <3. My fav of your selection is the 1st one ;)xx

  3. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! You have amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    will be happy if you’ll find a minute to visit my blog)

  4. good idea, this dresses are beautiful!!!


  5. I can see why you would wear these dresses. They're pretty especially the first one =)

  6. Yeah, these are really great alternatives to pricey ballet dresses!