9 Best Ways to Stay Organized in Your Bathroom

9 Best Ways to Stay Organized in Your Bathroom

Hi! This is Anna from My Bathrooms blog. Today I will give you best tips on how to stay organized in your bathroom. You can follow us here FacebookTwitterPinterest and Google Plus.

The bathroom is often the busiest, and, simultaneously, the smallest, room in the home, and, as such, needs an awful lot of organizing, sometimes on a daily basis. Follow these nine hints and tips to ensure that an unexpected visitor will never disturb your aplomb by keeping your bathroom beautifully organized and gleaming at all times, even if you have a large and messy family!

1. First In, First Out

Order bathroom products by expiry date to ensure that all the goods are used promptly and before time can wreak any havoc on them. If a certain product has not been used by the time its recommended use-by date comes around, bin it anyway: it is highly unlikely to become more appealing with the passage of any more time.

2. Go Up the Wall!

Rather than let clutter and mess drive you up the wall, take a firm hand and send clutter up there instead! Invest in wall-mounted towel rails, floating shelves and small cabinets that can hang securely in an unobtrusive spot offering valuable storage while opening up tracts of precious floor-space.

3. Dividers, Little Pots and Tubs

Rather than dumping a heap of small but necessary cosmetics, hair bands and clips into a large drawer and having to rummage through it for ages every time that you want something, pop each set of items in their own individual caddy. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much difference it can make to have everything you need immediately to hand!

4. Nix the Freebies!

While it can be so tempting to keep free stuff: hotel miniatures, free samples and gift boxes, and can seem like an enormous waste to throw them away, do not be sentimental about such items. If you are definitely going to use them, great, but if you are simply going to hold onto them for months or even years without being tempted to use them each time you bath, then cut them loose!

5. Go Under!

Under basin storage is an extremely useful place for spare supplies (toothpaste, shampoo, toilet rolls) as well as those products needed to keep the bathroom gleaming.

6. Daily Round

Get in the habit of cleaning the bathroom every day. While other rooms can occasionally get by with a lick and a promise, bathrooms cannot! Toothpaste splatter, soap scum and other unsavoury residue accumulates at an astonishing rate in the bathroom, so stay on top of it constantly.

7. Electronic Section

If you use electronic goods inside the bathroom (which you really should not, it is not a safe practice at all!) keep them together in a waterproof drawer or cabinet and return them promptly after use, having allowed the hairdryer, curling tongs or straighteners to cool down first.

8. Look Up!

Install an over door shelf. These small and inconspicuous shelves add a useful amount of space for bulk purchases of toilet rolls or bottles of hand-wash, for example.

9.  If In Doubt: Store More!

Add more storage if in doubt! If you can fit another shelf or rail or cabinet into the bathroom go for it! With the high traffic experienced by most bathrooms every scrap of space will be well-appreciated and used – and it will all help to ensure that there is, as the saying goes ‘a place for everything’.

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  1. This is really helpful! Bathroom-organization is the bane of my organization skills!


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  5. Wow These look amazing! I wish my bathroom looked like any of these! Mine is so small we can't even fit a bath in - just a shower, sink and toilet and no storage room :-( It's a small house but I do love it!

  6. Wow. Some of those designs are really nice and modern.

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