Ola Bayle 8

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Aside from dancing ballet, I also enjoy dancing Waltz and Tango. This is a very late post but I guess I ought to tell you this amazing, great news! I placed at the 8th season of Ola Bayle together with my new dancing partner, Harley! We won 1st runner-up! I was 5th runner-up 2 years ago with Ali. Anyway, I was seriously thankful to end up as 1st runner-up (although, it would be more awesome if we were the champion. haha) but the thing is, unlike the other contestants, Harley and I only met a week before the competition which means, we only practiced for less than a week!

Honestly, I was really planning to join this year's Ola Bayle but I cannot contact Ali (my original partner) and I was flooded with plates and I really can't make time to practice. But fortunately, my college had no classes for a week, and that week was the week of the competition! Great news right? Also, Harley texted me one night while I was on retreat. Apparently, his partner backed-out so Ma'am Apolonia paired us up!

I was on retreat when I realized how everything was falling into place and God really wanted me to dance. And it seems as if God really wanted me to join the competition just like the way he wanted me to dance in front of David Archuleta. :)))

I love how interesting my life is. It's like, when I stop hoping for things to happen, they happen magically. :)))

~huge amount of photos after the jump~

Whatever I do, I always have my parents' backs. They always, always support me and I feel so grateful about that. :)

Say hello to my stage mom. hihi. She's putting safety pins to the slit of my gown from edressy because slits are not really allowed in the two-dance standard. But hey, I'm a rebel. hahaha.

We (the contestants from my category) were assigned in this dance studio.
Harley and I were practicing before the competition.

It may not be obvious, but we were all so nervous! The butterflies in my stomach emerged since the day before Ola Bayle. But it died down naman. :)

We were couple number 53!!! :)

With Ate Flor and Xyza. The girl beside me is Xyza and she was like our "coach". :))))
She and her partner won during Ola Bayle 6.

Last minute reminders from Xyza.~

I really love my gown from edressy! :)))

The official opening of the competition.

For the two-dance standard category, the waltz and tango, we must dance twice (semi-finals and finals). From the semi-finals dance, they'll choose only 6 couples who'll qualify for the finals.

During our first ever dance at the semi-finals (waltz) Harley and I started wrong. Mali paa namin. Nagkamali kami sa pinaka-start. huhu. So we started again and gave our all. We saw the score sheet and found out that one of the judges gave us a 5. So we got a 6-6-5. I think. But it was enough to qualify for the finals. But 3 couples were perfect so it worried us.

At the final round, we seriously did everything we could.

My dress from edressy is so beautiful and it made me feel like I am floating while dancing. :D
So many people told me that my dress is gorgeous and so fabulous. I guess it boosted up my confidence and it somehow helped me win. mehe~

Thank you to the people who took these photos. :)))

If you're interested, you can watch the video and see me and my partner dance. :)

Before announcing the winners, the amazing judges (merong tawag sa judges pero i forgot.hahaha),they are professionals, did a little sample for everyone! They were amazing ofcourse and they surely lifted our spirits up! They inspired me to be awesome in this field too. :))

We managed to smile and pose before the 1st runner-up was announced. Haha. Harley and I thought na 3rd lang kami (2nd runner up) kasi sinenyasan kami ni xyza ng 3. So when the 2nd runner-up was called, we were ready to go to the stage. But to our great astonishment, another couple was called so we were so thrilled and quite ecstatic because we actually have a chance to be the champion despite the lack of time for practice. But then again... we were the 1st runner-up. 

It was such a fun and amazing experience! And truth be told, this is one of my best achievements so far. I really can't imagine my capabilities as a dancer but I am eternally grateful for the talents God has given me. 

On the day before the competition, we were all trained by professional dancers and honestly, Harley and I were having a hard time. Harley was confused with everything and we were actually falling behind and di kami makasunod. And with that situation, we have observed that our competitions were like grinning and happy and like, having an evil laugh. It's probably because we have intimidated them. I don't want to sound arrogant so I'll not tell the details. You can read my diary if you can though. =P But the thing is, we were asked to train at the dance studio by the professional dancers who trained us and who owned a dance studio. One was like, "punta nga kayo sakin. ittrain ko kayo." 

After the competition, xyza even talked to my mom regarding this. :) I was like, "please say yes mommy. I stopped taking ballet lessons na nga po eh." Hopefully, something good will happen and push through. Thank you Lord. :)))

P.S. Sorry for the super long post and Thank you very much for reading.

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  1. wow... galing mo nman! when it comes to ballroom, tango is my favorite. congrats :)

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  2. This is so cool - congratulations to you two!!


  3. This was beautiful to hear and I am so happy for you... keep enjoying and taking all the opportunities you can to do what you love :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! I knew that you are an amazing Ballerina and loved your post titled: What I really want to do for the rest of my life. That was amazing in itself. Your extension and dance has always been impressive, but to enter and be first runner up after less than a week's practice is phenomenal! I didn't know you danced the Waltz and the tango, though I should have guessed that you did and that you were good at it. Guessing that you are SO good at it is another matter. I am extremely impressed!!! Well done you!


  5. Congratulations Rae! the competition really looks fun. And the photos showed that you and your partner enjoyed the experience. Now I miss ballroom dancing haha!

    The Budget Fashion Seeker

  6. This somehow reminds me of the movie "Shall we dance". It's a Japanese movie and it was really fun watching, I really recommend it :D
    You look fantastic in the dress, can't believe you can dance so well! I wish I was that good, instead I just move my hands around and look weird :D I'm so happy you were 1-st runner up!!! ^_^

  7. wow! congrats to you! good job! and oh by the way, the dress looks good on you, dear :)


  8. congratulations! ugh I envy you haha I miss dancing.. congrats and yes always aim higher! love those red dress!

    thanks for visiting my blog. sorry it took long to visit yours, been really busy with my final exams.

    keep in touch!


  9. you are so amazing!
    Congrats for your achievement!
    God make a great dancer like you ^^