How to manage curly hair (curly hair care tips)

Ahoy! :) I've been asked by almost everyone I meet whether I got a perm or whether my hair is real. People always get surprised when they find out that my curls are natural and it's just my hair color that is fake. Whether in person or through the world wide web, I get compliments for my hair so I guess it's time to finally share my curly hair care tips and learn how to manage curly hair. :)

It was not easy living with this type of hair as my classmates were teasing me back in my elementary days because I have a curly hair! I was actually waiting for the right age to finally be allowed to get my hair rebonded but a huge thank you to Taylor Swift because ever since she got so famous, I started liking and appreciating my natural locks and thankfully, I have never got my hair straightened!

It wasn't easy finding these curly hair care because truth be told, I think this will be an endless search but as for now, here are some tips on how to manage curly hair which I do to maintain my locks and make them beautiful. :)) Hope they'll help you too! :D

1. Say goodbye to shampoo. Not totally, but lessen the days you use shampoo when you wash your hair. I actually shampoo my hair only once or twice a month. 

2. Condition, condition, condition. I use conditioner every single day or whenever I take a bath. Since my hair is super dry and probably very damaged due to hair colorants, conditioner helps bring back my curly hair's glory and shine. :))

Although this is not my own photo, I do use cream silk and if you're curious, I use the Hair Fall Defense or the Strength Boost because I still have a problem with hair fall. any advice?

3. Don't use a hairbrush. Most people think that because our hair is curly, we should use a hairbrush. This is not true. It actually causes the frizz. See how pretty and buo my curls are? It's because I either use my fingers to comb my wet hair or use combs with huge teeth.

4. Comb your hair only once after taking a bath when it's still wet. Unlike girls with straight hair, we shouldn't comb ours every minute or every time it gets frizzy. Combing it when it's dry only makes it worst. Keep in mind that when our curly hair is dry, no more combing! Sometimes my friend would say, "pahiram ng suklay" (Can I borrow your comb?) And I'd usually say, "di nga ako nagsusuklay ng buhok di ba?" (I don't brush my hair, remember?)

5. Apply hair product when your hair is still wet. I don't usually apply hair product/s on my hair but when I do, I do it straight out from the shower and when my hair is still wet. I tried using baby oil when I was in high school and it made my hair, oily, very oily even if I am not using it anymore. But now-a-days, I use vitress hair serum from time to time.

6. Use beer (I use San Miguel Pale Pilsen). Due to excessive hair colorant, my hair is really damaged and sometimes, it's like a barbie hair. :( So in order to restore its beauty and to remove split ends without cutting the ends of my hair, I use beer. It's effective, really.

(an epic fail of the-streaks-should-be-blue-but-I-didn't-bleach-so-it-mixed-and-became-olive-green hair photo)

I don't drink beer (I don't even smoke) but I do love San Miguel Pale Pilsen ----for my hair! hehehe.  I swear to do a post about beer spa very soon. :)

So that's how I manage my curly hair and it's basically my everyday routine. Taking care of your curly hair is not as easy as having a straight hair because our generation thinks that to have a beautiful hair means having a straight hair, "huge thanks to the media" so most products are for straight hair. In my opinion, it really sucks that I still get teased about my hair from time to time but I learned to appreciate it and I love my CURLY HAIR to bits despite the fact that the media is such a downer so I really do hope that these "how to manage curly hair" tips that I just made with all my heart will help you.

Love your natural locks and be the beautiful you because having a curly hair makes you us stand-out!

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  1. Your hair are naturally curly!! Looks like you got them done :)
    Great tips for curly hair , mine are starlight so I have to shampoo every other day

  2. Oooh another curly-hair girl! ^.^
    Mine only looks straight because it's super-fine and the weight of it pulls most of the curl out :/

    OMFG I SWEAR BY A GOOD LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER! Especially on the ends. Always start putting conditioner in at the ends of your hair.

    1. hello! thanks for letting me know about leave-on conditioner. i think i used something like this before but i stopped because i think it's not working for my hair. :/ but that was a long time ago so i think i'll try using it again. :))) also, thanks for the tip! i apply conditioner from the top-most part of my head so i guess i need to change that. :) thanks dear! :D

  3. I wish I had hair likes yours :D Mine is flat like a desk, so sad! :D

    1. when i was in high school, my hair was flat on top then very curly downwards. eew! haha :)

  4. there's a co-worker of mine who comes in with curly and then straight hair back and forth almost all the time.

  5. I have naturally curly hair myself which tends to get very frizzy. I got teased a lot in school. I have never used conditioner, but after reading this I'm sure I should. I also had a lot of trouble with my hair getting tangled badly and wondered whether you did too. Your hair comes out looking beautiful the way you do it. I love the colour too.

    1. Thank you so much! :) My hair did get tangled a lot too especially in the morning after i wake up. But they magically untangle themselves after I take a bath and after using a hair conditioner. :) I think you should use a conditioner too because it's really effective in making a curly hair soft and manageable. It helped mine :D

  6. Some really great tips ! :) Have a good weekend xoxo


  7. what a lovely entry,
    Keep up your lovely style
    i adore your Blog <3

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  8. Great tips! You have a really nice hair color! I have kinda wavy hair but I straighten it chemically to save time!
    Keep in touch

  9. I'm also surprised to know that your curls are natural. It would take quite some effort for people to achieve such curls but you got them naturally! What a charm. I can't live with shampooing just twice a month though, my scalp would feel icky. Thanx for the beer tip. I often read about this but only tried Tiger beer on my hair once but found no difference. Hehehe...

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  10. don't ever think of rebonding your hair. Many girls envy that kind of ala-digi permed hair. Its an asset :)

  11. I never understood why more people don't love their natural curls and it is so great that you do...this was nice to read and I will share these tips with curly friends as my own hair is straight.