Plates, oh plates! // new etsy listings

Only less than two weeks left for school year 2013-2014 and yet, I still have tons of plates to work on! Full-sizing of Charles II Side Chair for Furniture Design Class 2, and 10 20 inches by 30 inches working-drawings for Hard Rock Cafe for Interior Construction and Detailing Class. Then Final exams on minor subjects. And finally, I have to search and get a real architectural plan of a theater or a ballet school (I really have to because I can't imagine myself working on another establishment or commercial space) for thesis by the end of this month. ugh. So. many. things. to. do. ugh. :| But I know I'll manage.

Also, I have listed new items on my etsy shop which includes these 2 instant PDF downloads for only $0.80 or PHP 35.00 :) These prints are hand-drawn and edited in Adobe Photoshop. You can print them in a glossy paper, photo paper, vellum board, or any specialty paper you desire and frame it up. These prints are perfect to display in a home with a modern design or in a home with a black and white theme but any design will do as long as you like these prints. And if you have a baby brother or a baby sister, or if you have a kid, you can use them as a coloring page. :)

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  1. Oooh, your draftings look exciting, and I love your prints. Very creative!

  2. Great work!


  3. Nice pics

  4. Good luck in getting all your work done on time, I'm sure you will manage just fine :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done