A Splash of Color on Your Wedding Day

If in your wedding you want to feel like you're the most precious one in the room and be the happiest of them all, then you must look like one too! Color wedding dresses should be an option for you because today's generation is uniquely different than the past and with DressV's wonderful and fabulous collection,
you'll surely feel like you're a real-life princess about to have her ever-after! 

We are all princesses of our own fairy tale stories so it is just proper to look and flaunt like one in a girl's most special day, the wedding day.

Colored wedding gowns http://www.dressv.com/color-wedding-dresses-c103389/ are becoming popular now-a-days as many designers have started incorporating color into their custom wedding gowns and wedding dresses designs. I personally have witnessed a bunch of weddings in which the brides are not wearing the classical white gowns and honestly, I really liked them because it made me feel like I was attending a fairytale wedding. :)

Did you know that before Queen Victoria's time, wedding gowns were in color?

DressV http://dressv.com/ has a wide range of collection that has a variety of colors, intricate details, and different lengths which you can choose from.

 Personally, I will wear a colored wedding gown in my own ever after because truth be told, I believe in fairytales and happy endings and I am still waiting for my prince charming. But for soon-to-be-brides out there, I really think that you should consider this. If you're worried that your order will not fit or anything like that, worry no more because DressV has a measuring guide, color chart and size chart which you can use to make sure that everything will fall into place.

Make sure to double check their shipping time to have your order just in time for your wedding day!
Happy Shopping and Have A Happy Ever After! :)

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  1. those are some amazing dresses!

  2. gorgeous! and yes i agree, it doesnt always have to be white ;)
    check out my blog bohoyoho.blogspot.com

  3. I love the idea of a bright wedding gown, but when it came to my own wedding I chose a very traditional longsleeve white lace gown.

  4. Amazing post! Love colored wedding dresses!!!!


  5. So lovely wedding gowns.These can provide pleasure to eyes.Red,black and white are two gowns i loved the most.