Where is the green?

I slept for almost 16 hours today but I guess I am still sleep deprived. This week was such a struggle and it shouldn't be because school should be fun. We were given so much plates to work on and I am seriously flooded and I am not really a big fan of deadlines. UGH. :-/ Now I understand why most artists don't take a bath. I can no longer remember when was the last time I took a bath. hahaha. joke. But I know that one day, all of these will be worth the sacrifices. :D

*No more Nihongo 101 lessons for me because the classes are scheduled on Saturday and I have classes. Boo!
*Late plates. Someone please help me manage my time! :(
*I am still planning on joining this year's Ola Bayle. I no longer have a partner and I need time to practice. Let's see how I'll work this out.
*Blogging duties. I am so filled with backlogs.

Annnnd. in case you're wondering why my title is such, it's because I dyed the tips of my hair blue but it turned out to be a bit green since it blended with my orange-y hair and you're supposed to bleach it first but i didn't know that and as you can see, you can't see it. haha. :(

another annnnd. I am wearing my school uniform here. hihi.~

By the way, I just got home from the Sto. Nino procession which we annually go to. :)) Will blog about everything soon! ^^) Take care everyone!~

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  1. Raellarina... I hope you find a balance with school soon... it 's hard to find but life cannot be all about school ;-) Remember to have some fun♡

  2. nice!!


  3. Hold on, little star! Come on! :) <3 You're wonderful and you must shine, always <3 <3 I want to sleep too.. I'm so tired but we have to resist... a big hug and a big kiss with friendship <3

  4. Lovely hair!


  5. Love your hair! sooo cute!


  6. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

    You look so gorgeous here! i'm now following you too! :)



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  8. Great post, doll!


  9. I am very interested in knowing more about St Nino's procession, will wait for the post! And by the way, I don't like deadlines either :) Honestly, I liked your hair! Once I tried to change mine and the top of my head was carrot orange, and the rest got mixed and it was so strange! After that I never tried anything alone, I remember that day! denisesplanet com