Black Roses

(sources: 12 & 3)

I think that black roses are more sweet and adorable than any other colors. I find them beautiful. I haven't really had nor received a bouquet of black roses yet but whoever will have the heart in doing so, I'll surely be very grateful and touched. :"> Anyway, I also find dried roses beautiful. In fact, dried flowers makes my heart leap! :))

The perfect bouquet for me would definitely be a black and blue rose combination plus a hand-written letter. :")

What about you, what's your dream bouquet? or your favorite flowers?

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  1. I don't love more the black rose, but blue are wonderful!
    My latest post--> Un tocco di Blu
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  2. The black roses are amazing... such beauty... I think if I could have my choice, I would want a deep purple rose... :)

  3. The black roses are really pretty! They seem very mysterious, but beautiful!
    I really love a light pink rose =)

  4. My father's favorite flower was the yellow rose

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  6. Incredible pictures! They are so mysterious and cool.

  7. I love the black! It definitely stands out from your usual bouquet of flowers!

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  9. Fabulous pictures ! Black roses are wonderful.
    Have a lovely weekend sweetie.

  10. I'd never actually seen black roses before and was never totally sure what was meant when I heard them mentioned in the lyrics to a song long ago. I only recently starting looking at different kinds of flowers in nurseries and garden shops. There are so many varieties of flowers that I didn't even know existed. I haven't picked a favourite yet.
    I hope someone you love gives you some of the flowers you like so much.

  11. They look so wonderful. Magical photos. :)