Dusty Yellow Highway

The sweetness of a dusty ground reflecting the beauty of incandescent lights upon the dark sky is astonishingly self-distracting. It’s a beauty unnoticeable by ordinary mortals. And as the soles of my flats touch the dusty ground, I for one epitomize the beauty of a forgotten dream which artists paint to allow the world to feel what we, artists, feel.

A cat on my legs, a dragonfly on my chest, fallen stars on my other leg and polka dots all over me. An outfit showcasing modern vintage. My younger brother turned 17 this day and happy family memories were created once again. October was a month I enjoyed for the world allowed my sleep-deprived self to enter Wonderland and Neverland. Stress from school bid adieu while sleep and rest was happily welcomed.

The beauty of fooling people with my tattooed legs was created by one of the loveliest shops in the worldwide web, choies. Cats, cats, cats. Cats will forever be adored.

Like a nymph trying to disguise herself in the city…~

WEARING: Tattoo stockings c/o choies | Colette Clutch | Vintage Top and Polka dot skirt| DIY bracelets|  and  small shop flats

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  2. Cute tattoo stockings!!! ♥
    Hope you check out my blog too! :))

    Michael Macalos

  3. lovely dear :*

    I follow you :)

    kisses from Vienna :*

  4. that is one cute skirt rae :)