OMG Nail Polish

Paint your nails like a pro with OMG nail polish! :”>

Ahoy, dreaming fairies!~ I got these super quick drying with astonishingly nice colors, toluene and DBP free nail polish at the ComAch (Community Achievers) CFAD-ARCHI General Assembly last September!  I got them for free! Thank you so much afics for the sponsor. ^^)

I am enjoying these beauties for a month now and I must say, the next time I purchase a new nail polish, I’ll definitely buy OMG because they really are OMG! So pretty colors. Pastels, pastels, pastels!~ I’m loving the quality honestly so I hope you can try them too!

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  1. OMG! Beautiful colors! Thanks for your comment in Pantuflashion ;)

  2. Wow new packaging???! Colors really look so cute!