Addams Family

When I was a kid and the Addams family was extremely popular, all I ever wanted was to be Wednesday Addams. And I found --- find---, I still find this family amazingly and oddly beautiful! They indeed earned a special place in a 90s kids’ hearts.~

I was fortunate enough to be a part of this perfect family! Hahaha! It all happened during the first day of the CFAD Week last week. CFAD is an acronym for my college which stands for the College of Fine Arts and Design. :) UST has different colleges and each has its own week where they celebrate. =D So the week started with the parade and my block was assigned with the Addams family. And ta-daaah~

Our family portrait. Heh~

Other themes in the parade were the Sesame Street, Powerpuff Girls, The Matrix, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and sooooo much more from the 90s! :D The parade was super tiring but fun! Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about my Grandma Addams outfit so watch out! :)

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