Team Gale Forever!~

Since Catching Fire is about to hit the big screens, I feel that it is a must to express my fan-girling life towards Katniss and Gale the best way possible! Like, OH MY GOSH! Whatever happens, I AM TEAM GALE!!!! <3

It was a big disappointment for me that the movie cut the best scene of Gale and Katniss in the Hunger Games. :( You see, in the book, after the reaping and before Katniss and Peeta were sent to the Capitol, Gale was about to express his love for Katniss when suddenly a peace keeper took him away. It ripped my heart because Katniss never knew though I know and feel that she knows and feels the love. Haha.

I was literally shouting, “EFF YOU PEACE KEEPERS! HE’S GONNA SAY I LOVE YOU! EFF YOU!” :( I’ve been live tweeting on my twitter actually because I am that into it as if I am Katniss Everdeen! Hahaha

It was such a total bummer how the movie was so pro-Peeta you know. If you’ve read the book, I bet my hat you’ll be TEAM GALE! Gaaah. But I have to admit, I have some “kilig moments” with the Peeta-Katniss moments but still, I really want Gale for her. Gale. Gale. Gale.

OH MY GOSH SUSANNE COLLINS! PLEASE LET IT BE GALE. Mockingjay is not yet a movie so pleeeeeease. Pleeeease change the ending. Pleaaaase. Don’t break my heart. Mewr. Mewr. :”>

My next “Team Gale post” would probably be screen shots from Catching Fire. Ahhh. THE KISS <3 hihi.

Make some noise Team Gale and may the odds be ever in our favour! :DD

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  1. My fiancee Daisy saw the movie first, but read all the books. She is more of a Peeta fan.

    1. awww. that's not nice. :( hahaha. kidding! Hope she'll be a Gale fan though. mehe~

  2. Replies
    1. awww. you should see it! i'm sure you'll love it! the plot is really interesting :)

  3. im excited to see it but the books are always better than the movies

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

    1. AGREED! haha. alwaysss! :)) But I'm really hoping that Catching Fire would be amazingly incredible since the book was really amazing! ;D