Interior Motives Season 2 Launching


Last Thursday, October 24, I was invited to the launching of the 2nd season of Interior Motives. You can never imagine how enthusiastic I was to attend this! Being an Interior Design student, I took the opportunity to approach and ask both the Almario Sisters and as well as the ever so lovely ShamceySupsup after the press conference since we were all just in the same lovely café, the Bizu Patisserie.

Before I talk about Interior Motives, allow me first to express my fascination with the Bizu Patisserie. :) The Interior was wonderful! I was amazed honestly for I am a huge fan of whites and purples. I also can’t help but notice the delicately crafted details found on the walls.

Lifestyle Network launches the second season of its newly renovated design digest show “Interior Motives” with new host, Shamcey Supsup. Set to take the Philippine audience into the constantly evolving world of interior design in the country, beauty queen, architect, and design buff, Shamcey is all set to expose her different side to the world--- the side which exposes her passion and love for her craft of creating and appreciating extraordinary spaces.

“Interior Motives: Season 2” aspires to become the country’s television go-to source for design inspirations, tackling principles and elements of what makes a beautiful space as uncovered layer by layer with Shamcey. She will be presenting the opening to dive into the vibrant world of design, as she searches for interiors that keep inspiration alive together with some of the country’s best designers.

The show is made up of segment after segment – taking on spaces which perfectly express what Shamcey deems truly beautiful, the people behind the best local designs, and even the tools that these great creators use in their craft.

Being a big fan of the Almario sisters, Cynthia and Ivy, I was astoundedto find out that they’ll be working their magic in a new surprising segment “Project: Makeover”’ where they will surely be using their passion, talent and partnership to turn otherwise empty spaces into ideal places. I am honestly looking forward to this because ever since I was a kid, makeovers always make my heart leap for somehow, design secrets are unveiled.

The event was really fun! I had a blast! I was inspired big time! I was on the same table with the Almario sisters. heh~ I loved how the press conference turned out to be like a small tea party! Met new friends as well! :”>

Thank you so much for inviting me Ms. Kathy Solis! It was super nice to meet you too! <3

With the Almario Sisters! They are so fun and quirky! Super approachable pa especially when I asked them about some tips and advises since they are super awesome Interior Design duo! :) Definitely inspired.Hoping to become like them in the future. :)))

Shamcey is definitely a role model. She’s approachable and friendly as well! I’ll definitely push myself to take up Architecture after Interior Design thanks to her! I’m pretty much determined now and quite excited for the future. Heh~

Personally, I can’t wait to watch the premiere of “Interior Motives: Season 2” on November 7 at 9:30pm on the Lifestyle Network because this will surely be amazing, inspiring and fun as I have already seen the teaser. It seemed to me like this show is not going to be like most of the design shows as Interior Motives will be bringing design inspirations, all the right information, the latest trends, and Filipino talent to the table!

Be sure to catch the premiere on November 7 only on the Lifestyle Network! :)
For more details, visit and like the Lifestyle Network on facebook. ^^)

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  1. you look beautiful


    Coline ♡

  2. such a great event!

  3. thanks for sharing
    great post ☺

  4. wow. You really had fun with Miss Shamcy. :)

    1. She was super nice! :D Watch mo Interior Motives ha :)))

  5. Nice photos, thanks for stopping by!

  6. wow this caffe looks so luxurious and beautiful~
    It sure had to be nice time ^^

    1. I was mesmerized with the cafe that I actually plan on hanging out in there :D
      Thanks dear!~

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  9. Looks like fun! The place is adorable and I'm glad you had a good time. :D


  10. Great to hear that you had a fun time, looks wonderful from the photos.

  11. OMG! shamcey is just too beautiful! and talented :)

  12. woah! lucky you! I want to meet Shamcey! And Bizu really has a great interior..very French royalty! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl