FREE Frames for your blog

Here’s another batch of freebies! These digital frames can spice up any photos you have which you can use for your blog or for your display picture in social networking sites. I came up with these frames because as you’ve noticed, I updated my sidebar photo and I also made blog buttons for my blog which you can put and share in your blog as well! If you want to swap blog buttons, you can read the details here. I would love to swap blogs with you! :))

These frames by the way can also be used for you blog button. Download the frames after the cut!

Click the photo (to get the bigger image), 
hit left-click, 
and choose “Save image as”

My only request is that you can share this with your friends and family as long as YOU DON’T CLAIM THIS AS YOUR OWN WORK. Please don’t remove the credits. Thank you and enjoy the free frames! ;D

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