One of the best summers of my life!! (Summer 2013)

Photos from Tia Maeda and Edited by Rae Caacbay

Two weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to have one of the best summers of my life! I created happy and crazy memories with my brothers and cousins! :) Unlike our past summers, this time we had the chance to bond with our Japanese cousins who rarely spend their time here in the Philippines! That alone made it extra special. :")

. . . After 20 years, we all still look the same! hahahaha. :") I was the youngest!Not even a year old! hehe. But after a few years, we increased in number!!!

 Four handsome dudes were added to the family! hehe :")

With our grandma. :) You can tell by our photos that we were beyond happy! Because finally, we're complete! hihi. :"D The moment my cousins got out of the car, my happiness can't be explained because I know that that night marks the start of a fun-filled and memorable days to come! :) We did our Harlem Shake video by the way, the same night my Japanese cousins arrived. 

Photo from Tia Maeda

The following morning, we went to Splash Island!!! I'll do a separate blog post on this! :")

Photos from Tia Maeda

At around 3pm, we went to Tagaytay! We stayed there for 3 days.  :)

Day 2 in Tagaytay. Swimming then Sky Ranch.

I'll do a separate posts for our Tagaytay Adventure and Sky Ranch!

Sleepover with cousins!! Too bad one of my Japanese cousins went back to Japan 3 days earlier than the two so he wasn't able to experience this. :(  The moment they arrived at our grandma's house, our laughter never died. Seriously, we were even laughing before sleeping! hahaha. We jammed, bonded, laughed, shared stories,  laughed,  played shaggidy shaggidy sha popo (I know that my spelling is not, then laughed again, and thought each other Japanese-Tagalog! and this is only for one night! haha. We're so crazy that we ended up making a "Call me maybe" Video. HAHAHA.

Excuse my laughter. :( You'll hear it throughout the entire video. :( haha. =D

Toured around Cavite inside the Jeep!!! I have never really appreciated jeepneys before until this moment. mehe~

Wootwooohhh!!! I'm so grateful that I finally experienced being a "sabit sa jeep"! So fun! hihi.

UBE!!!! :) My grandmother's secret recipe is delicious! All of us feel like we're in heaven in every bite we take.~

Setting up the Karaoke!!

My relatives are all great singers. What happened to me?!! -.-

I have never sang in a karaoke before because with relatives like mine, you'll think twice! hahaha. But I'm always present in such activities. It's just that, you'll never make me sing. But I'm doing the dancing though. hehe~

Going to the mall together was really fun and very crazy! hahaha. We literally went there everyday! I guess people can easily spot us there because we're that 11 NOISY, CRAZY AND TOWERING TEENAGERS. :) I'll do a blog post on our mall days because we have tons of crazy videos!

My Japanese cousins' last day here in the Philippines was a bit bipolar. For the whole day, we were beyond happy and enjoying the time of our lives! But it ended with tears and sadness because they'll go back to Japan early the next day. :(

A week with my Japanese cousins after almost 8 years of not seeing them was really memorable! It was so fun that it will always have a special place in my heart. Nakumpleto din kaming magpipinsan sa wakas! Sana mapadalas na ito. :)

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  1. you really had a blast! summer is indeed one of the best times to reunite with our loved ones :)

  2. Thank's for visit, nice pics, and the kids are lovely :D

  3. oh my UBE! ang cute nyo! hehehe

  4. Seems like you had great fun! My summer holidays aren't here yet..

  5. Wow!!! Great photos!!!!!!!!!! Have a good summer!!!

  6. Thanks dear!!
    Lovely photos ♥

  7. Seems like all of you had so much fun! =D