Morning Hair, Ugly Hair

Because unlike other bloggers, I can post photos of myself without make-up (which I always do anyway. haha) and photos of myself without actually making myself presentable. Will you do the world a favor and do the same? Because we're all beautiful without actually trying to be beautiful. :")

Excuse my ugly hair but you see, I just dyed it to red again yesterday since it faded into an orange so I wanted to see how it would look like under the sun. :D My hair is really ugly in the morning unless I sleep with a braided hair. haha. I had no plans of posting this just yet but since I'm not done editing my Splash Island photos, well, might as well show you these so you'll have an idea how I look like in the morning after I wake up. =P

I'm currently organizing the stuff I'll sell for Tumblr Fair 2! I hope you can drop by at the fair and visit my booth! :") I'm giving away 5 VIP tickets by the way!

Anyway, I hope you had an awesome day!! :) I'll be back with another vacation blog post! (\^.^/)

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  1. It doesn't look that bad. I actually like how you're hair is like a wild and fiery crown. Reminds me of the heroine at the movie brave.

    1. Hello Ile! :) Thanks! it means so much :)) anyway, you're not the first one who told me that I reminded them someone from Brave. madami na actually nagsabi. hahaha! So now I researched who she is and hahaha! ang cute nung hair niya! cool! You just made my night! :D

  2. I like the red but I liked the orange as well! Idk why but I like that kind of messy washed out hair colours. I used to have red hair like this but it has damaged it so much so now I stick to dark brown which makes my hair look much healthier but I still miss my red hair. it looks super cool!

  3. good one
    please also visit

  4. HHahaha, you're so cute. There was a quote on the internet: "embrace messy hair", I think it's a good one :D
    If I post photos without make up and messy hair I would scare the shit out of everyone :D

  5. I wish my hair would look that great when I woke up you lucky thing. Love this post and I couldn't agree with you more we need to see more natural and realistic photos!


  6. What dye do you use? I want my hair slightly blue. X3

  7. Honestly? I like your hair! the curl of it plus the color red of dye you applied on it? just so cool! I just wish I'm that bold enough to do that to my hair too! hehe..

  8. hahaha, your selcas made me smile. Love your quirkiness. You go girl! Hehe