I fell into my strawberry dip pool


There’s a tunnel under my bed that leads to my secret chocolate factory. I fell into my strawberry dip pool so my hair color changed. Or you could just say that I'm one step closer in being a pure mermaid.. haha!

I dyed my hair today.. actually my mom did it. haha. I woke up really early (4:30am) just so she could dye my hair before she went to work. I really wanted to be a red-headed girl so why wait for tomorrow if I already have the hair dye here at home. haha!! The red looks really good under the sun! I wanted it to be brighter.. the hue close to orange and bright red. But Burgundy was the only one available at Watson's so thank goodness for my almost blonde hair. The red dye mixed well.

My hair is not that bright indoors so I'll just spend most of my time outside. LOL. But I might dye my hair in brighter red if I'll have the chance. :) 4 sachets was used to dye my ever so makapal na buhok. Kulang pa nga eh. Anyway, I hope the color will change as the days pass. hehe~

I still have so many backlogs and outfit posts waiting to be published. :( But don't worry, you'll see me and my red hair really really soon! hihi~
Have a great week!

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  1. It looks really nice on you, you're so brave ;-). I wish I could have the guts to just dye an ombre myself haha! x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings

    1. Why thank you dear!!! :) You should try dying yourself!! You can always go to the salon if your DIY failed. haha :">

  2. I love your hair color!

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  3. Cool! Just dyed my hair ruby red actually! Red hair is so "in" and cool! :)

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  4. CUTE! I am such a fan of red hair!

  5. pretty color! don;t worry, it will fade in about one week, red is the hardest color to take care of. it tends to fade as fast as the lighting :(

  6. yay! your red hair got me excited.. nyahaha :)


  7. Great! ;)