Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me

Trying to spread a little happiness even if my get-up is somehow like a rocker. Also showering the world with my creations!
What do you think of my DIY Detachable collar and revamped fringe yellow top? :) I realized how boring this yellow shirt looks (no offense to the brand who made this but it's just not me) so I added some fringe on it!

Revamped XXI Fringed Top, Baleno Sport Skorts, Burlington Socks, Rusty Lopez shoes, DIY Detachable collar, rings and lace bangles, Mom's necklace and From Japan bracelets

Also, before I must bid you all adieu, do listen and/or watch David Archuleta's rendition of Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me! He's such a bucket full of Sunshine! :))

P.S. I just got back from the Realway Youthcamp so do forgive me for my lack of posts! I'm seriously trying my best to schedule posts so my blog will still be updated even if I'll be on Christmas Vacation in the weeks to come!

P.S. Part 2. And this is my 200th post!! yay! haha :))

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  1. Then you should shower the world with more of your creations! :)

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    1. hahaha! thank you ate Chai!! I will.. really really soooon! :)

  2. awwww. thanks so much dear!! :))) Have a happy day!~